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  1. Happy Birthday dan86!

  2. Hi Simon If you're on about the trim that clips on below the front bumper, thats the splitter. You can get them from ford, but don't have the part number to hand. Hope this helps Dan
  3. Esp

    Hi all Ive got a 2000 focus 2l with esp and the system has never worked properly since i bought the car. basically if the car has been sitting in the sun, then i go to start it and drive off, the esp light stays off and system works fine. but, if it hasn't been sitting in the sun, the light stays on and pressing the button does nothing. also, weirdly, it only works if the front of the car is facing the sun... weird one! anyone got any ideas? many thanks in advance Dan
  4. sounds to me like a failed switch. should be able to get one in a scrappy easy enough i would think. dan
  5. just bought one off ebay. been searching for weeks! if any of you need one, hurry as there isn't many left!
  6. thanks for all the replies! been having a look round the forums and there seems to be some good stuff. hopefully get to a few meets this year and put faces to names :D
  7. From the album first album

  8. From the album first album

  9. From the album first album

  10. From the album first album

  11. hey guys+gals does anyone know where i can get a repair manual or a copy of the tis cd for a focus. 2000 model 2l with esp. tried on ebay and can't find any. other downloads ive tried just dont work. many thanks in advance Daniel
  12. brand new here. just to say a massive hello to u all :D looking forward to getting+receiving some good info :)