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  1. Thanks for your advice, I will book it in to my ford dealership garage to be checked out.
  2. 58 Reg 37k miles but I seem to get a suspension knock from the front when I travel over rough bits of road or bump up a 1 inch "kerb" onto the driveway ? Also I have recently noticed that my auto g/box clunks into lower gears when I slow down to stop approaching a junction, This does not happen all the time! any advise will be appreciated, thanks
  3. Bike Carrier / Tow Bar For S-Max

    I have a removable towbar fitted to my 2008 smax titanium since 2010. I use it to carry 3 bikes or more. I also use it to tow my gardening trailer. It has a lifetime warranty. I used Towbar Technix tel 01202 661646 or 07764347990 give them a call for advice I found them very helpful.
  4. Smax Auto Gbox Clunk

    Car has begun to "clunk" into low gear when slowing right down and about to stop at junctions, This does not seem to happen all the time anyone any ideas? car mileage 37k.
  5. I get knocking noises on my smax from the front of the car on rough roads or climbing 1 inch kerb onto driveway other than this suspension seems fine, Any ideas. 58 reg with 37k miles.