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  1. Turbo Failure?

    Hi All I took it to another mechanic today (a perk of running a pub is knowing many occupations lol). It was confirmed as a turbo failure. He's calling around to try and get the price down from the original quote I had of £800
  2. Turbo Failure?

    What video is best as there are a few on there?
  3. Turbo Failure?

    Hi Everyone. I drive an 05 Focus 1.6 LX TDCi with 82K on the clock. I was coming home round the M25 when the car lost its accelerating power, barely hitting 60mph. A mobile mechanic diagnosed a faulty injector which he then replaced. But the car is still suffering from poor acceleration & struggles to get up hills. A local garage have said the turbo has gone but someone else has said to me that it's just a blocked injector. There solution was to put injector fluid through it and then 'thrash the engine' to clear the blockage. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Padds