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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Dashboard Lights

    Got it fixed. Apparently a bug in the headunit's firmware, updating to the latest firmware fixed the issue.
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Dashboard Lights

    My hazard light doesn't flash when pressed. Surely the lights should light up, like this...
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Dashboard Lights

    No, they never illuminate. The tiny little red led on the lock button does light when you lock the doors but the orange backlight never works. Booked in for tomoro!
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Dashboard Lights

    The door lock and hazard warning lights on my dash don't seem to illuminate at night :( Is this normal? Car is only 2 months only, just noticed it.
  5. Fiesta In Midnight Sky

    I got my new fiesta last month in Midnight Sky and i love it! It looks more or less like a gun metal grey until light bounces off it. Under sunlight it looks mostly grey with a slightly purple tinge. Under artificial light it looks almost bluey purple.
  6. Aa/rac Membership

    TopCashBack is brilliant! Gives cash back on nearly every website out there! I signed up in Sept and have got over £70 cash paid back to me! If you're going to sign up please do via this link TopCashBack :)
  7. Double Locking / Deadlocks On Fiesta Mk7

    I'll have to lock someone in the car to test this LOL :D
  8. Double Locking / Deadlocks On Fiesta Mk7

    Thanks James I'll try that tonight! :)
  9. I have just got a new Fiesta Mk7 Zetec, very pleased with it. However I am wondering if it does actually have deadlocks. With my Puma and my Mini Cooper the deadlocks meant that you couldn't open the door without the key to unlock. So for instance if a car thief put a brick thru ur window they still couldnt open the door. In the puma if you double clicked the remote key lock button whilst sitting in the car the door handles moved in, the indicators flashed twice and true enough you couldnt open the doors. In the new Fiesta thou if I open the door, then close it whilst still sitting in the driver seat, then double click the remote key lock button then press the unlock button on the dash it unlocks the car! Hardly effective deadlocks! If someone breaks the window and leans in and presses that button then it unlocks the whole car! Anyone else try this?!
  10. Aa/rac Membership

    Just cancel and then sign up again via TopCashBack and get a years cover for around £7 as you'll get £20 cash back. Thats what I did last year, luckily i have a years free Ford Roadside Assistance with my new Fiesta, but I'll be doing it next year again.