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  1. Do post the response when you get it, Stumax. I've just got my SMax back from Ford and I'm £520 the lighter. Same wipers/alarm problem. We arrived off the ferry at Southampton and the wipers were going full-whack as soon as I turned on the engine. Stopped at a Ford garage on the way home who said that it was the alarm module that was faulty but they didn't have the part. Wipers settled down on the way home but then, that evening, the alarm kept going off. Looked at an earlier post here and removed (the infamous) fuse 26 which solved the alarm problem. And then ten days later the wipers started going again, so removed the wiper module fuse and booked the car in with Ford. They told me they'd need to replace the "Horn assy - part 1667961" (£123) and the "Sensor and bracket - interior scan - part 1670435" (£167) and that it would be 1.5 hours labour. It does seem ridiculous that this is not seen as a safety issue - and is there every likelihood this will happen again? And I'm still not entirely sure whether the two parts have become faulty at the same, related to the same issue. We could possibly have survived without the interior scan anyway, but Ford said that they couldn't guarantee that without this being changed, the alarm may still malfunction. Anyone shed any light? And are these costs unusually high - paid for now anyway... ps - also have the whining turbo which doesn't seem to be affecting the power, just a bit embarrassing going down the street. Have had it for about 7 months now without change. Am wondering what will happen next.