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  1. If your not buying the proper part then a bodge is the only answer. Jubillee clips and rubber pipe plus some ally pipe as a ridged joiner to clamp the pipes to. I thought about silicon intercooler pipe and ally joiners from Rally Design, Demon Tweeks, Car Builder Solutions or even eBay.
  2. Take it back to the dealer, clearly it's a problem from the engine instalation and he is responsible in law
  3. Ignoring 123456's childish rant for a moment The usual starting point is plugs, leads, engine earths, starter conections. But it could also be crank position sensor and or cam position sensor. I would try the cheap and easy first then get the engine codes read as you can replace everything at great cost and still not fix it.
  4. I though Fords had a big lable on the slam panel with PS & Kw! If not chassis number & engine number to Fords to confirm.
  5. Now is the time to buy a Haybes manual, you won't even get the dash out without it.
  6. Take the back wheels off and measure the drums, if the same size leave well alone. Don't consider replacing the clutch until it slips, if it does not slip how does the fitter know it needs replacing? £80 for a clutch kit seems ok. Don't know the price of drums but shoes should be £20 to £30
  7. Found this site, very usefull Has a chart showing what White smoke could be
  8. It can be dine by the home mechanic, no problem, it's just fiddly. 10mm, 13mm, sockets and spanners. Two 10mm nuts hold a metal cover over the starter remove this to access the main two bolts holding the starter on, thetly don't come all the way out due to the radiator but you can pull them out enough to drop the starter. Access the back of the starter and remove the bolts holding the cables on, make sure battery is disconnected first. Wiggle starter out via left front wheel arch. When re fitting put the bolts in the starter first, they can't be put in after the starter is in place. Also refit the cables before putting the starter in place..
  9. You cab swap the DMF and clutch to the newer engine.
  10. I'm not a scare mongerer but White smoke is water, blue smoke is oil, White smoke smelling of oil would point to a head gasket. Garages can check the coolant with a gas indicator to tell wether the gasket is leaking gas into the coolant.
  11. Probably a leak from the hose where it connects to the pipe going through the bulkhead
  12. Front right As you look at the front of the car, near the gearbox bellhousing, comes off and is removed by wiggling it out near the front left wheel. I've done it 3 times first time took most of the day, last time a few hours, there is very little access, it's a pig of a job just because there us no access.
  13. This is a very old story, rumours and stories such as this have been around for years. A job in the MOD years back I heard the same story with the aircraft being a Phantom, Jaguar, Harrier etc
  14. Because the torque output is much higher putting a lower rated clutch on is not a good idea. The other way round would be ok but you nay have a harder clutch pedal
  15. If your prepared to get dirty you can take the tank off and back flush it, got to be worth a go if the tank is £180 I'm still angry about an intercooler hose at £55