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  1. Was your car plugged into the ford computer before this happened. Mine was recently plugged in and since then I cant put the code in niether! When you turn it on "Vehicle ID" comes up then "Enter code ---- 32" No buttons work.
  2. Hi My Mondeo with a 6000cd went into my local ford garage the other day. Before I went there I had left on the lights and flattened the battery. The radio was asking for the code but I never put it in as the book was in the house. After the garage had plugged my car into the IDS (central locking problem) the display on the stereo changed from saying "Code" to Vehicle ID and no buttons work. After the garage did know I called a Stereo expert in England "DND Services" who are clearly very good. The guy on the phone knew exactly what had happened and said it is a known problem with IDS downloading the software from the stereo and it can only be fixed by the IDS system re pairing the stereo with the car. The ford garage has said that it wasnt them and if I want the stereo fixed I need to pay 200 euro! Has anyone else heard of this problem, and do they know where the garage need to look to find the fix?