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  1. All done needed to change both pre tensioners. And add in the extra sensor on each seat. Job done
  2. Update I have checked and the new seats don't have the position sensor on the drivers seat and the passenger seat sensor so will have to transfer them over between the seats does anyone know the best way to remove the sensor off the drivers seat as its pot riveted on to the rail please
  3. Yes disconnected battery the airbag light is flashing error code 51
  4. Hi all hope someone can help been looking through the forum but can't seem to find a detailed how to on here. Right down to my problem. Bought a 2.0 petrol mondeo 2003 03 checked and build date was 1st of January 2002. And the interior was a light colour and disgusting tried to clean it but no good. So I bought a complete half leather interior out of a 2005 st and fitted it. Now the airbag light is on. Also would like to get the passenger up down electric part working he also gave me a switch for the seat heaters. But my main concern is getting the airbag light off. Didn't realise there was a difference and the plug under the seat is the same has anyone done this before and do they have things I can do to remedie this. Thanks in advance
  5. my battery light has just come on on the dash i checked the belt and its good i checked the voltage without the engine running its showing 12v and if we start it it shows 13 and when i rev it it goes to 14v can any one help also my speedo has stopped working if any one got any suggestions please let me know