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  1. If the Titanium I am thinking of buying (14,000 miles, 2005) had this fault would the mileage then be inaccurate? Couldn't this be like accidental 'clocking'?
  2. Hi, had a really good test drive of a Titanium 2005 1.6 115 petrol today, it's only done around 14,000 miles. The only thing is there is a quite a scrape down the edge of the driver door (as if someone's opened the door too wide against a stone wall. They say they'll clean it up (they just got the car in, it hasn't even been cleaned yet), but that I would still notice if I looked closely. I admire they're honesty but how much would you haggle down for this. It was at £6500 and I've got them down to £6200 which I think is as good as I can get out of them. Would this put you off buying the car at this price (which seems good, looking at current selections on sites). Thanks, Eric
  3. Aha...right - it's the fact it's a 2007 model that surprises me (which has the sony cd/radio I want). I'm still trying to get my head round all this 55,56 business, when I was last looking for a car it was still the first letter of the plate which gave its year :) Thanks for your help.
  4. Ah. I guess cos I'm filtering to under 20,000 miles....incidentally, what importance would you attach to low mileage when buying a used ford focus? many thanks, ezman
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a small family car and have pretty much decided to get a focus. Now the question turns to what kind. I took a Zetec climate 1.6 out for a drive on Saturday which I was impressed with. Also had a look at the Ghia which I liked (apart from the plastic wood effect!) Thing is, at the dealership I found this one... http://www.drivebenfield.com/approvedcars/...75401/index.cfm Doesn;t this seem on the cheap side for a 2007 model? Any thoughts on it.