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  1. Fiesta Mk7 leaking boot

    Thanks Daniel I have already spoken to Ford Customer Care, who have given me a reference number & have said that before they discuss the case they need to have the leak diagnosed at the local Ford dealer. The local Ford dealer say this will take 4 hours of labour at a cost of £315 approx. This is for diagnosis only, no repairs. Once diagnosed, Ford will be able to tell me if they are willing to contribute to the repair costs. I simply cannot afford the £300 diagnostic cost thouugh
  2. Fiesta Mk7 leaking boot

    Hi everyone New to this forum, found you while doing a google search re. my wet Fiesta Mk7. I have a Ford Fiesta 09 plate, bought in end of March 2009. It coming up to its 2 year service time, so I dug out my paperwork. I noticed (didnt notice at the time) that there is a comment on the service work sheet (from last year) saying "water in boot". They never mentioned anything when I picked the car up. Now I hardly use the boot, and its covered with a rubber boot carpet thing. I have removed this yesterday to find my boot carpet is soaking! I see from the posts above that the warranty is only 1 year for this kind of thing? Does anyone have any advice about my next step from here? Contact my dealer? Is this sort of thing likely to be pricey? Should I be pushing for the cost to be covered by Ford as it is a known fault? Any advice greatly appreciated!