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    modeo mk2 (2.0ltr 16v si)
  1. I have a 2.0 16v mk2 hatchback si im looking to do a straight swop for a desiel hatchback or estate, my car is a very good runner but it is a little battle damaged and had a drivers seat swopped due to people pulling on it getting in and out of the back many thanks chris Just to let you know it now has another 12 moths mot
  2. hi mate just wondering what engine size you car is
  3. hi mate, i also had that problem recently and i was told that you could also use one of the calgon tablets, if you have that problem again the best way i was told is to take off the mud catcher under the front of the bumper and if needed you can lower the washer bottle down also if you get a small spray gun into the pipes and blow out the c**p out of the pipe
  4. hi i also have a 2.0ltr 16v si mk2 check with your ford dealer as i found mine had a higher bhp than what the dvla had on there system it turned out to be a difference of 15bhp as mine is running at 145-150bhp and she runs like a dream but i must advise you on getting your gearbox link pins (the bits that hold the selectors in the gearbox) have snapped twice in mine so i have had to replace my gearbox but it turned out to have had the wrong one fitted, and just to confirm the SI has got a 1989 cc engine so just get it checked for your own peace of mind. Hope this helps you with your dilemer
  5. just to let you know there is a ford breaker's in liverpool called all fords on ventura bisuness park you could try there m8
  6. Hi mate where abouts are you, did they say how much it would cost to replace
  7. have you tried taking the pump off and pumping fuel from a jerry can into a clear drum as you may have a doggy pump as iv had that problem on my old escort and after scrapping it i was told i should of checked it that way hope this info helps
  8. try and see if they have anything that you are after
  9. you have done a good job with your car, they are nice model's i currently have two mk2's a 2.0 si model hatch and a 1.8tdi estate, my estate needs quite a bit of work doing to it, hopefully i find it not too taxing lol
  10. i tell you what fella it looks like you really look after your car, if i could afford it id buy one (if the missus will let me lol)
  11. if you go to used car sites you can get info on rough prices, just type in its describtion and they will give you a rough guide at how much cars that are identical' are worth
  12. there is a place by me it is called all fords you can check the number is 01514481155 they tend to have a lot of mk3's you can give them a go
  13. when my battery died in my car key the ford tech sowed me how to do it, first put the key in the ignition and turn it on and off until the red dashboard light stays on then take the key out and press your lock unlock keys a few times and your key should pick up the code if you have a infer-red key sender
  14. hi TheStig i had that problem on my mk2 si and when it went into the garage the motor was full of limescal they managed to strip the motor down and clean it and put it back in place what they suggested was if you live in a heavy water area us a pre-boiled kettle of water and a good mix of screen clean hope this info helps
  15. you could also check the connecting rods as i have the same problem with my mk2 tdi est and thats what i was recomended to do also when you disconnect the rods lock and unlock the door when it is open so you can see if the central locking unit is working properly if not try spraying some wd40 around the bit that moves up and down (lock/unlock positions)