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  1. There's a far cheaper alternative. I use a magnetic mount. The kit comprises a rubberised magnet which is about the size of a 10p coin which has a self adhesive backing fixed to the dashboard. It also comes with very thick self adhesive strip which fixes to the back of the phone, or the inside of any protective case. The magnet holds the phone very strongly and has never once fallen off or slipped. No ugly mounts or windscreen mounts either. Price just £4. Perfect solution in my book.
  2. Hi, Did you manage to work outr how to get the badge off? I have purchased a new badge to replace the old flaky one, but cant work out how to take the old one off.
  3. Hi All, First time post. I am looking for some help please in regard a problem with my Mondeo. it's a 2009 2.0 TDCI Titanium with 30k miles. When I floor the throttle at around 2000-3000 rpm, usually in 3-6th gears, (mostly 4th and 5th and usually from about 2ooorpm), the rev's suddenly rise much quicker than you'd expect by about 500rpm, before dropping back and then increasing again. On partial acceleration and from standstill it's absolutely fine. It's almost like the clutch is slipping but given that the revs drop again without lifting the throttle, I am thinking it might not be the clutch. I had it serviced at a main dealer last week and asked them to look at it, but they say the clutch is fine. I'd read elsewhere about leaking hoses etc., and will do that at the weekend, but in the meantime I'd welcome any ideas any of you might have on possible causes? Thanks. Andy