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  1. The NX came in different versions with and without the video input. If your car did not have the camera from factory, it is very likely your NX does not have the video input.
  2. The DAB receiver is a separate module in this generation S-Max, I think there is newer software (for this module, not the satnav) available.
  3. No radio (on a Ford of this vintage) has integrated BT, it is always a separate module, which comes with the voice button on the steering wheels controls. If your car does not have those, it does not have the module, and no bluetooth.
  4. You probably have not updated the radio, but the connectivity box (Sync 1). Have you tried other phones (both Iphone and Android)? When you play via USB, is that also with the phone or with a thumb drive?
  5. It's either or as you've discovered. If you want to enter the street, don't enter a postcode.
  6. Is this happening with all sources (radio, phone, bluetooth streaming, USB), or only some?
  7. The "ignition feed" on the S-Max is a signal on CAN bus only (same as time), so the CAN connection on the radio seems to be gone. As the problem persists after changing the radio it looks like its the wiring, or the connection on the other side (the instument cluster as the gateway).
  8. The Tomtom SD specific to this Ford unit, yes. Not a Tomtom SD for any Tomtom device.
  9. Get a Sandisk Ultra Fit flash drive or something similar for your paranoia. As for Bluetooth, you'd have to take a call or ask the system to read out messages, it does not happen automatically (if you do not activate auto-answer, if that is an option in the Fiesta). Selecting music on the flash drive is much easier vs. Bluetooth streaming, where you can only skip track (or have to operate your phone).
  10. The EX is good for the OEM look, and not much else, navigation is outdated ( the unit is a 2003 design), you only get turn-by-turn instructions (no map display), and you do not get USB (Ipod) playback and Bluetooth connection. I'd rather spend my money on something with these features. If you go for an EX, be sure to get one with the trapezoid bezels, the ones for Focus / C-Max with their rectangular bezel do not fit.
  11. You'd have to retrofit the Sync module (and possible different controls and display), or swap to the radio to the one where USB connects directly to the radio.
  12. sync

    Do you have the link to what you read? Carplay is only supported with Sync 3.
  13. If the dab display refers to the multimedia display, it's the battery status of the connected phone.
  14. If you have no issues, no issues to upgrade the firmware, if you have no issues with the map, no need to update the map SD card (those are different things). Tomtom firmware will not work (this is not a Tomtom device), the correct Tomtom map SD will (the one for the Ford satnav, not any for Tomtom mobile devices).
  15. You probably need to retrain the anti-pinch protection as described in the manual: Resetting the memory of the electric windows WARNING The anti-trap function is deactivated until you have reset the memory. After the battery has been disconnected from the vehicle you must reset the memory separately for each window: Note: On vehicles with a convertible top, the roof and doors must be fully closed before carrying out the following procedure. Lift and hold the switch until the window is fully closed. Release the switch. Lift the switch again for one more second. Push and hold the switch until the window is fully open. Release the switch. Lift and hold the switch until the window is fully closed. Open the window and try to close it automatically. Reset and repeat procedure if the window does not close automatically.