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  1. Car radio display when off

    Yes - that's the intended design. 
  2. The only brand I'm aware of is Zenec (ACR store brand): They do have some UK stores:
  3. Dsp Settings Not Holding

    If it is happening in the same source (as the settings are independent for FM, CD ...) it may need a software update (at the dealer).
  4. Speaker Upgrade Help - Coaxial Upgrade Non Ford

    If you already have tweeters, you don't want coax. They would lead to either having 2 tweeters running parallel, at reduced power, or the one in the coax being deactivated if there is a crossover. Depending on where exactly the factory system is lacking, you can either upgrade the woofers or the tweeters or both. The Ford systems are eq'd (frequency corrected) to the speakers and the cabin. I don't know what Nissan does - if it is the same with them, even nominally better speakers can give a worse result (if the frequency response is corrected where it is not necessary). You can try (and err) yourself, or find a trustworthy shop (or mate) who knows what they are doing. With the last upgrade I did myself, only changing the tweeters helped a lot for clarity and reduced distortion at higher levels. If you are looking at new woofers, the available depth is a major criterion in selection the correct replacement.
  5. Focus 2010 Sport Sat Nav

    FX and LSRNS are different names for the same thing. The FX name was dropped when Bosch sold off the Blaupunkt brand (and the Travelpilot trademark with it).
  6. 6000cd Bluetooth Oddity

    Do not pull any fuse before finding the radio code.
  7. 6000cd Bluetooth Oddity

    The Bluetooth unit might need a reset (by pulling the fuse).
  8. Sat Nav Settings

    Strange - they should synchronize either way. We're talking brand new S-Max (produced in Valencia, SatNav is MyFordTouch, ...), correct?
  9. Sat Nav Settings

    Try changing in the settings of the cluster instrument.
  10. What Storage Device For Music - Sync2?

    USB power will turn off with the radio, i.e., when you open any front door.
  11. What Storage Device For Music - Sync2?

    You can still use your Ipod, but connect it via USB. Sync will index the same way the Ipod does locally. I'm not sure on cover art on Sync 2, though. If it works, this would be the way to do it, if it doesn't, then you need to wait for the next car (with yet a newer version of Sync). If you don't want to use your Ipod, any thumb drive will do - it only needs to be formatted in FAT32 (not NTFS), and your ID3 tags need to in order - because that's what Sync uses for indexing. No need to shell out for USB3 (at least for the in-car use), though it may be more convenient when copying to the drive.
  12. Mk4 Headunit In A Mk3??

    No, different shape, completely different connector and vehicle network. The new radio (and Mk3.5) uses CAN bus, the predecessor does not.
  13. Ford Focus 2008 Bluetooth Connection

    Bluetooth is in a separate box, Ford used to sell retrofit kits.
  14. Issues Playing Music Through Cd/aux

    You need the "y-cable" (Apple Dock or Apple Lightning to USB AND 3.5mm, just as the user manual states under connecting an Ipod ...), or a software update to your connectivity (Bluetooth and USB ) box. Connecting a cable from the phone jack to the car's Aux jack could also work, but I'm not sure what the Iphone does.
  15. Focus Mk2.5 Factory Sat Nav.

    It's a Ford part, I don't know who else would stock them.