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  1. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    Dad was always playing with cars and trying to keep up with Mike Brewer and Ed China as well, so used to sit and watch him, went to college to do my IMI Light vehicle, while doing stuff on my own cars. Now I work as a farmer and just do some stuff on my cars but always take it to the garage to service them as I like seeing a stamp in the book + keep all the receipts.
  2. My ST170 'project'

    Update time, been a long time since I put a update, but after constant mithering from my friend(who has the capri blue ST170) I brought some coilovers, no idea what make they are as they are orange and silver. Anyway thought I'd have a bash at fitting these this afternoon, what a pain in the backside. I haven't even finished one corner but cold and light drew an end to play. I've actually attached a few random pictures to show the state of the underside. Still not managed to take back axle apart either. Motivation and weather is proving the main obstacles at the moment Here's the one painted caliper(offside rear) with the old damper + spring Here's the new spring and damper Here's the back axle, the right hand bolt/washer has welded itself into the beam and I've attempted to attack it with the angle grinder, the anti roll bar will be sanded back, rust treated and resprayed(as is the plan with the arches, sills etc. Got lots to do on it and it's going to be a very long drawn out process but I have a week off in a fortnight so hopefully get a lot of it done then. HOPEFULLY, especially as my friend is off for 2 of those days so he can come help. Thanks for reading, Matt
  3. My ST170 'project'

    I was expecting it to fail lol. But got it serviced at the same time and I didn't expect the bill it had lol. £50 an hour labour!!!! I could do it myself but I just like to keep a stamp + receipt/invoice. And I provide the parts anyway. But I've painted both of my back calipers(red to match the stickers) and I was in the process of doing the back axle rebuild but I'll give you 3 words. ANGLE GRINDER JOB! So going to look for a rear frame, buy that and do all the stuff in the shed/get it all nice and shiny, then take the old one off and bang the new one on. Tried to take wishbone off and it's got a large washer behind the nut/bolt and it's put a hole into the frame. I fear I'm opening a can of worms if I dig to deep, especially as my friend has a capri blue st170 that's 6 months older than mine(his is 52 plate) and his has got all rot/rust and holes around the arches and by the seat belt anchor points in the rear(he's sorted his out and put it through MOT, which failed on handbrake cable but he told them to fix it and it's passed). I have taken some pictures of some during and afters and will upload them soon.
  4. My ST170 'project'

    Another update. So put the ST through it's MOT, Passed...... FIrst time without fail. Only advisories being rust on subframes and front shock leaking. I've brought some waxoyl and the hope is to take the back arches out, strip and respray them and then waxoyl them. On the lookout for a rear frame at the moment, as I've got the rear axle rebuild kit but As I've just moved to a horsey farm, I don't want the car sat around on axle stands while I do the work, so going to buy a frame and do that in the back garden then just swap them over as and when. Unless I can persuade the mother in law to let me work on it at her farm in the machinery shed. Not going to be doing many updates at the moment as we've moved house(again) and have no internet and my phone has broken(again). If anybody has any advice on the waxoyl let me know please, its the one in the yellow can that is rust proofing. Thanks for reading, Matt
  5. Car Racing

    Hi All, Looking at getting into car track racing, don't just want to do track days by myself. Is there any like proper amatuer series that do anything like this(for example in my and my friends case, we have a st170 each, so st170 racing series). I know it's expensive lol but it's something we want to do. SO anybody with any info would be much appreciated. Also I'm in my local motor club but they do only rallying and thrashing round fields. Thanks, Matt
  6. My ST170 'project'

    SO only a small slight update, haven't really done anything with the ST lately, it ran out of MOT last saturday and is currently sat at the in laws farm, I have however brought some service stuff for it and will be booking the car in for MOT and service next week(just to keep the stamp in the book and the service history up to scratch). Currently in the process of taking the throttle body off to give it a clean and also going to have a look at the manifold as apparently(according to fast ford) that could be why I get a tappety sound when it's running. Reason I haven't been doing much is I, yes me not the wife(who funnily enough after the 1st of August is on the insurance as a learner) scratched my Orange Focus so I had to pay for that last month which isn't to bad as the whole passenger side needed doing anyway(very s**t repair job by someone who needs to be sacked, by the last owner) I also got a Zetec S lip fitted and brought an RS look rear spoiler and Zetec S rear valance. Running 2 project cars is very expensive lol. I have also wrote a list of what I'm going to do to the ST. I'm going to do a nut and bolt as I would really like a concours car. SO once I get paid at the end of the month(also going to take on a 2nd job) I'm going to buy some rear brake and rear springs as these are needed and there is no point in rebuilding the back axle until I have these parts. I have got some standard front struts off my friend, as mine are shot, so I'm going to tidy them up and put them on the car. And then I will slowly work my way towards the front of the car. SO yes sorry for the slow/none existent updates. Thanks for reading, Matt
  7. Things I Don't Like

    Few things I don't like today; 1. Don't like how much negative equity I have left to pay & thus have to pay about £3500 to get a Focus ST which I can't afford to pay. 2. Don't like how slow my BT Infinity has gone 3. Don't like that despite telling work before I went back there that I had a holiday book for the start of August, that they are not letting me have it. I told them before I went back there that I had a holiday booked. But it's ok, I haven't had a week off in over 2 years, so pretty sure I'll manage
  8. My ST170 'project'

    Only really notice it around the roundabout lol. Steering doesn't feel as wobbly down a straight. Haven't really had a chance to notice it properly though. Brought a rear axle kit, some new rear springs and some new brakes(brakes were needed & spring was advisory on the last MOT which is due some point in July.
  9. My ST170 'project'

    Thank you, it is a nice example, just starting to get a small amount of rust at the front of the side skirts and that's it. SO a slight update on things, albeit a slightly boring one, I've brought a rear axle kit to be able to refurb back axle so that will hopefully be getting done over the next few days(it's weekend off and hopefully they arrive tomorrow) and I've also brought some 'genuine' boring black mudflaps for the ST. Most of my attention at the moment has been on my other Focus, which is a mk3, I've brought an RS spoiler for it, brought a Zetec S front lip and booked it in to have some paintwork done. I should really start a project thread on that as well. Thanks for reading, Matt
  10. My ST170 'project'

    I think that buying extra parts is a bug you can't get rid of hahaha
  11. My ST170 'project'

    So today I got my strut brace in the post, didn't plan on buying one but was browsing through fleabay when it magically appeared in my basket. Fitted it today and my only complaint is it rubs quite badly on the reservoir and slightly on the induction hose. I will eventually stop buying additional parts and actually buy stuff needed for the car
  12. My ST170 'project'

    My only concern is would it not be to much green lol? Well my friend has a chrome heat shield(his dipstick broke so he had to buy new dipstick tube and shield) and it looks really nice and doesn't look as tacky/cheap as I thought it would. But I suppose with green hoses it would look rather chavy, so I may look at getting a standard one OR if I can buy a stainless steel manifold I'll leave the heatshield off and wrap the exhaust
  13. My ST170 'project'

    I think I've seen this shape st with gun metal alloys and to be fair it does look nice. But as there is no kurbing to them YET! I will leave them as they are. And perhaps get them done when they need a refurb. Next on the list is MOT then going to be a rear axle kit and refurb that. But that can wait until the weather is better and after the mot
  14. My ST170 'project'

    So this morning before work I decided to put the neon snot green hoses on, well one of them anyway, where the other goes I'm assuming is under the snorkel, well since the other car is out of action because of autoglass and I'm working I'll leave that for another day. Forgot to take a before picture but here is the after picture. Forgot to mention a definite tidy up under the bonnet is in order with more hoses, and new heatshield cover, and possibly new fluid erm tanks. unsure whether or not I like the hose colour yet, still think I should of gone blue but hey ho.
  15. My ST170 'project'

    I thought the same about the badges at first but now I'm used to them, they actually look nice. I'm only playing with the idea of painting the alloys white, maybe. I'll paint the calipers black and see how they look as to whether I do paint the alloys, I need to refurb the alloys on the other car first when I get around to it. I've always liked these shape focuses and to get a really good ST as cheap as I have then I'm really happy, I'd like to do a concours with it really but they're not really old enough in my mind.