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  1. Please Help

    Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah i have had it idle and running for a hr today and the fan is definatley not kicking in when the engine is getting hot. I don't know if it's a thermostat switch fault or a problem with the electrics.
  2. Please Help

    Hey all, I'm just wondering if any kind soul can help me please :-( I have a streetka 53 plate and just had a new clutch fitted last wk which is running great. Last night i pulled up to find steam billowing out from udner the bonnet of my car, my dad checked and the water bottle lid was slightly loose and the water was bubbling over, but we can hear a bubbling/gurgling sound running through the pipework. Does it need to be bled? I have topped up the water, which wasn't empty and had the car out for an hr or so today and it didn't seem to overheat. It was warm but nothing too alarming, however i did find that the fan under the bonnet doesn't appear to be kicking in at all. I am at my witts end as to what to do 1st really. Has this happened to anyone else?! Can anyone please shed any light on it at all?! Could it be a thermostat problem?! Electrical problem? I just don't know where to start really and would really appreciate any feedback/help Thanks peeps :-)