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  1. Happy Birthday Fez Bomb!

  2. Today fitted my Mountune side splash, armster arm rest, Mountune mats, Mountune spoiler extension, and my yellow gel overlays. Spoiler is taped up at the moment allowing it to dry, so pictures wouldn't be great. Will take some photos tomorrow and upload them. @Limbo, I shall do. I'm aiming to do this in the next few weeks, just found out my Lambda sensor is faulty so that's next on the list
  3. Team Heko Wind Deflectors

    Just ordered mine, arguably the best ones available on the market, especially for £30. Will post a pic on my progress thread once they arrive.
  4. Thanks mate, Armrest has arrived today, just waiting to collect the car from the bodyshop so I can fit it. Some loon rear ended me a few months ago.
  5. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I have the Mountune 155 and I seem to average around 20mpg, harsh times.
  6. Just ordered; Mountune spoiler extension - done Mountune yellow side splash - done Heko smoked wind deflectors Xenon bulbs for all lights Armster arm rest - done Mountune tax disc holder Gel overlays for front and rear badge - done Set of Mountune mini stickers Mountune floor mats - done Next plans; Lower 40mm on Eibach springs Fit 20mm hubcentric wheelspacers Powder coat alloys Matt black Spray mirror caps yellow Smoke back lights Matt black roof wrap with 'Mountune Performance' in yellow down one side Remove exhuast silencer Metal pressed number plates Hopefully most will be delivered tomorrow, depending on weather will fit over the weekend and post updated pictures.
  7. Hey, I'm Mattie, just bringing my Fiesta MK7 to the forum to see what you all think and keep people updated with progress. Anyway, I've had it about 5 months now, it's a mk7 Fiesta Zetec S with the Mountune 155 upgrades. Also added on the Mountune Carbon Fibre front splitter. How it stands; Waiting to join the army at the minute, so progress will be quite slow. Planning on getting the car supercharged next winter at some point.