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  1. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    I haven't cured it as I have taken it to be a normal functioning of the system. It's been that way since I bought the car, and the only abnormal finding i found is that my steering angle sensor is off by 4 degrees. The ABS and ESP function correctly as demonstrated having a play in the snow. The abs and ESP systems will have plenty of safeguards in place as a safety critical component, so should not hesitate to throw a code if something was wrong. Check all your suspension for extra play or wear, but unless it's doing it excessively I would just accept it as normal outside of any malfunctioning.
  2. Fiesta mobile phone data

    If you have an Android phone set the data limit to 0MB and set it to disable data when you reach that. You can also remove the "APN" settings from your phone (note them down), which will prevent any data access at all.
  3. James isn't the developer, it is developed by a Russian chap. The Kuga, c-max, etc is supported as they're basically Focus's underneath.
  4. New Battery - improvements!

    Mine dim with the heated front screen. The battery will act as a "capacitor" when in good nick, absorbing high voltage spikes and smoothing noise. This is why with a bad battery you will sometimes get horrendous noise from the radio, and other lights acting "flickery". Similar happens when I used a relay without a back-emf resistor/diode on my old Corsa, when you shut the engine off (causing the relay to disconnect) it would send the central locking haywire. The electronics should not be damaged by high voltage spikes, but they may not tolerate it well at the time!
  5. Things I Don't Like

    So got into the shower this afternoon, only for me to hear an audible "pop", and the temperature to drop back to mains water temperature. Setting 1 + 3 gets it to 28 degrees, but setting 2 does nothing (i imagine the main heater). 28 degrees is ok for me, but not sure the rest of my family will agree! At 5 years old, I think it's new shower time! Edit: 5 hours later, and a little fiddling and repair, shower is once again working. See if you can see why it stopped!
  6. How to adjust headlights

    I would go to a garage and get it done with a beam tool. If you don't, you risk failing your MOT if the pattern is adjusted wrong.
  7. The largest laser tool wouldn't fit over the locking nut without fouling on the alloy, so those were returned. I'm pretty sure they're the non-rotating type from memory of spinning them on by hand before finishing with the torque wrench. I have ordered a new key from McGard, £13 delivered from Germany, have been informed that the keys are guaranteed for life so I have asked them if they will accept a return from me, and if it is valid for warranty replacement, if they would just refund my £13 for the new key. It certainly looks a lot more damaged when I compare it to my parents key (which doesn't fit, and is only two numbers different to my key code!). Doing some reading, i'm going to use the key on the other three locking nuts first as they're undamaged, (not that I believe the drivers wheel one is damaged, just a few little witness marks from the damaged key), and use an axle stand/jack under the wheel brace and/or breaker bar/socket to support it in the vertical and prevent it slipping off the nut.
  8. Any Washing Machine Techs On Here?

    Same control panel layout and everything as my folks machine! Is there not a green pull square thing under the front bottom cover to the upper right corner of the filter housing? I imagine there will be a sensor on the lock, you could check this wiring back to the control unit (and check all connectors for security and corrosion) - if you have a multimeter check for continuity. Check for water on the front panel board also as it's tempremental with the slightest bit of moisture.
  9. Ford Mondeo pin 2

    I'd be checking all the fuses, and relays (especially any marked "ECU/PCM/etc"). 5V sounds like a sensor power supply for something computer based rather than anything powering glow plugs (which I would imagine would run direct from battery voltage).
  10. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    The wheel speed sensors should all be reading similar (bearing in mind if you turn a corner the inner wheels will read lower - hence why it possibly sets it off longer when turning a corner when it is doing the startup test).
  11. Interior light issue (Doesn't go off)

    Just to be sure we're not overlooking things, are you sure your switch in the light is correctly switching? Iirc mine has lots of metal strips and the switch is finickity at the best of times.
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Convenience isn't always the best option :P It took me a good few months to find a compatible "rapid" usb-c charger without paying the £25 Google wanted. Pictures speak a thousand words, trying to loosen my other (non-locking) wheel nuts... took it back to the tyre shop, he tried them all and said they weren't all that tight, so came back, torqued up to 130Nm, and tried loosening them myself - they were definitely too tight to begin with and not anywhere near 130Nm.
  13. Things I Don't Like

    Wireless charging is only going to be about 50% as efficient as normal charging due to EM losses. 3-4 hours sounds quite good - what would the official samsung wireless charger get?
  14. Any Washing Machine Techs On Here?

    Medical Pen torches survive the wash quite nicely. As do USB flash drives! If you're a little tech savvy, maybe remove the interlock mechanism and see if you can clean it up a little - do NOT use brake cleaner (I forget what I tried cleaning, but the O rings ended up double the size!) and maybe re-grease/oil if required. As Stoney's said, check all connections too. My mums machine has a green emergency door release "pull" that slots in behind the front cover, where you remove the filter. Works even when machine is in action but will stop the cycle for obvious reasons.
  15. I will have a go tomorrow, i'm going to see if i can clean the inner part of the key up a little first. I'll be ringing the tyre place that swapped my winter tyres on too and see if they can get them off (i'm hoping for free, they put the ***** things back on!). I did consider buying the Laser locking wheel nut removers, but without a vice, I think i'd get a little stuck getting the nut out of them. Squirted a little penetrating oil behind all of them tonight too to see if that helps. If they come off tomorrow, I may possibly attempt the belt on the drive. Not ideal, but this was my only real free time to do it and otherwise it'll have to be next year the car was manufactured in October 2009, so is over 8 years old now, possibly not borrowed time but feels like it. Urine'd off is an understatement, almost feels like i've lost all motivation to actually do the job now! Hopefully it will return once these damn things are off!