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  1. The problem with DMMs is that they use such a high resistance you can sometimes get a false positive reading, especially if something has capacitors in. The test lamps should load it down so that it gets rid of the stray voltage. A DMM however is a required tool I would say for anyone dealing with auto electronics, even the cheap £5 jobbies are suitable for the low voltage DC work.
  2. But you shouldn't speed anyway, so that should be the deterrent, that cameras might be anywhere. People do quote the "money" reason a lot, but only the treasury get the fines from tickets - only part of the speed awareness courses afaik get given to local plod.
  3. Beware with the bluetooth adapters and doing anything that takes a little while, especially with Elmconfig. If the connection drops, and it's doing something (like programming a module), then bad things will happen.
  4. Car batteries (really any chemistry) can creep up in voltage when no current is flowing. As soon as you draw power, the voltage will drop to a point that it is unable to supply the required power. Short circuits on the canbus network do not cause any long term harm apparently, as I managed to short them whilst fiddling (just shows up with a "Systems error"/"Engine Fault" or such in the info display). Congrats on fixing it!
  5. Leaving the immobiliser key (and chip) in the vehicle defeats the purpose of the immobiliser - meaning anyone with any knowledge will be able to overcome the steering lock, and ignition wiring, and start the car. Your insurers, if they learned this had happened and the vehicle stolen, would probably not pay out also.
  6. You don't require speed camera signs, and iirc you don't need them yellow either. Some red light cameras also detect speed on green. I think the new ones on the M5 are yellow but they do 4 lanes with one camera The best approach to not getting caught is to not speed............ All money from police tickets goes to the treasury iirc, none actually goes to the speed camera partnerships (as demonstrated by the West Midlands turning their cameras off because it was costing too much!).
  7. I know why people do it, but most of the time it is done badly. Before now i've recalled seeing a car with no lights on, turn out to be a car with lights on, but rear lights, indicators and reflectors all obscured by their ridiculously tinted lights. That's not something I want to come across on a country bend at night. I have seen the fly eye stuff too mentioned before, but never seen it in action - I guess it would transmit more light than actually painting or tinting. Make sure your lights are visible (indicators and brake lights in the day) and reflectors are not obscured to be legal.
  8. The bottom one is a CCTV camera IIRC, and the top is just a person monitoring sensor (for crossings).
  9. 70PG is quite thin, would probably be giving you quite a throat hit, especially at 80W, with that. Did you mean 70/30 VG/PG? Flavours are not good just as a singular thing - you normlaly need to mix a few to get a good liquid - have you tried the one shot flavour mixes?
  10. It is free - the extended licence is also free but you need an account, and to activate it via their website. It is a very good application, and quite intuitive.
  11. Yes, there are two canbus networks on the Focus. You can modify your unit yourself or just return it and use your new one!
  12. I think the local Ford garage do mine without removing the glove box - dash cam is all wired into the glovebox and it was not unplugged when they did it.
  13. Have you got a modified elm unit - with a hs/ms canbus switch? If so, make sure you click Yes on the popup that asks if one is fitted from Forscan,
  14. Have you tried asking any local garages their prices? If you have no gas in the system it will need to be competely vacuumed out and that vacuum checked before refilling - so may cost a bit more than just a hose.
  15. The fuseboard layout changed for the mk 2/2.5s - you can check your owners manual if you have it