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  1. Nasty Smell After Windscreen Wash

    Unfortunately I'm an avid nail biter and have had a few run ins with hand sanitisers containing bitrex. Not to mention standing outside the drivers door and spraying the washers...
  2. Nasty Smell After Windscreen Wash

    They have bitrex in the halfords stuff. It tastes rank!
  3. Focus Mk3 Dash Cam / Cigarette Lighter Question

    The fuse moving myth, I wonder if this was a focus mk1 thing as I've not seen it on mine or other focuses. Fuse tap and secondary socket is the way to go.
  4. Nasty Smell After Windscreen Wash

    Flush it through, the rate I use screenwash mine wouldn't ever go stagnant!
  5. Mk2.5 Broken Antenna - Can't Unscrew

    Remove the base and try removing the aerial once removed. Saves damaging your roof if you slip.
  6. Winter Ford Magic!!!!!

    Can leave my car running without keys (after a little mod) so as long as its on private land I can just leave it to defrost and warm up by itself :) Not that you really need to though, bit of deicer to break through the ice on the windows, scrape it off and by the time that's done the cars defrosted!
  7. Car Conundrums!

    You can, however, there is no reserve supply. If you draw too much current the voltage will drop too much and the engine may cut out. You also run the risk of high voltage spikes and ripple on the 12V+ feed to everything - shouldn't really be an issue if everything is designed properly but can make electronics misbehave.
  8. Theredfox - my car has easyfuel, but I'd also imagine an anti siphon feature (not to mention I think the filler necks are prone to break anyway if they tried too hard!)
  9. What Can And Should I Do

    Hill starts are a problem? Handbrake on, 1st gear, release clutch til you feel it start to bite then apply gas and release clutch (and handbrake) balancing both. It is more difficult than a diesel, but you will get used to it.
  10. I know on mine (with the easy fuel cap), the actual fuel flap doesn't lock at all.
  11. Whats Anti-Stall

    Leave the ESP on, if the lights not flashing and you can't hear the pump then its not that. My corsa used to judder before stalling, my focus will stall quite suddenly if you don't have enough revs.
  12. Whats Anti-Stall

    Put more revs on! My Focus does a similar thing if you don't put enough revs on or lift the clutch a bit too quickly. Otherwise maybe a sensor problem, ESP or traction control would flash the ESP light and youd hear the pump working.
  13. Help! Corrupt Vid Block

    Be aware that if you flash something you may leave yourself in a position where you cannot flash anything else! Be very careful, it'll end up expensive if you flash something and it bricks.
  14. Heater/a.c Problem

    Disconnect the AC clutch, try again. If it stops then it is related to the AC system. May be a faulty clutch/compressor or pressure switch (it thinks its empty when it's not)?
  15. Mobius Doesn't Like The Cold

    Mine seems OK along with my Mini0805, I think I've had one of the first ones with good batteries though as its now getting on for 3 years old (driven every day) and it will still record for a good length of time off power!