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  1. Dashcam earth point?

    I believe it's sandwiched between the front of the bolt and the bracket (so only contact between the back of the bolt head).
  2. Cam belt

    Local Ford garage told me they don't routinely replace them, and they also said they very rarely have any water pump failures on the 1.6 Sigma engine. I didn't replace mine.
  3. I imagine part of the design spec for any electronic module on a car (certainly modern) would that any input/output will survive a direct short to power/ground with no permanent damage. I am not going to test my theory on this however
  4. Things I Don't Like

    Not particularly fond of driving home round a bend, to be met by a taxi overtaking a HGV... Notice the 4 headlights in my bonnet. The brown stuff really and truly hit the fan, and I can confirm that both my ABS and the emergency brake assist work. Even if they don't do anything, you've done the right thing - your call i guess. There is a website you can submit anonymously to police but for the life of me I cannot remember it.
  5. Connectors off inside of headlight

    Then bobs your uncle and ann is your aunt! As much as I (and some other posters) might seem like the fun spoilers, we have all had that one driver at night with ridiculously mis-aligned headlights that is actually dangerous.
  6. Cam belt

    I used the KTB764 kit as told by ECP was the right kit. On further research, the belt is compatible (in length, no of teeth, etc), but not technically for this engine - use at your own risk. It appears there are two belts that differ only in tooth coating made by Dayco, but other manufacturers (Contitech) list the two belts under one part nuimber (i.e. apparently interchangable). That kit comes with everything except the cam sprocket bolts, and the longer M14 crank bolt. You will also need all the locking tools and the pulley holding tool, and appropriate torque wrenches / breaker bar. I did mine (as someone who just dabbles with mechanicals), it is up there with the difficult jobs, and potential for catastrophic damage if got wrong. The water pump is still driven by the aux belt on the 1.6 Sigma. You will need new aux belts (due for repacement anyway if the cam belt is) if you cut your old ones off - I recommend looking on eBay for the genuine Ford kits that come with the installation tools. I paid £27 for mine for both belts (Crank -> Water pump, Alternator, Power Steering) and (Crank -> AC) + install tools.
  7. Pothole Damage

    https://www.fixmystreet.com/ is good for looking for previously reported pot holes and stuff.
  8. Dashcam earth point?

    I have grounded some of my stuff to the fuse box bracket, but obviously can be a little bit of a pain potentially for anyone changing the pollen filter!
  9. DASHCam

    I know, i'm just pointing out that you don't have to go out and spend more money Some cards controllers are also smart enough towards the end of their life to go into "read only" mode (as my SanDisks did to protect the data on them.
  10. Expansion tank cap broken

    I believe it's an issue some people have. I have smeared a very tiny amount of silicone around the threads to prevent it "seizing" in the bottle.
  11. DASHCam

    That doesn't really make sense unless there is a poor connection inside the fuse tap. If you have the fuse tap the "wrong way" around, all that will happen is you will be "double fused" - the power will go through the bottom fuse, and then through the top fuse and out, instead of just in and through the top fuse, and out. Remember most name brand SD cards have good/lifetime warranties!
  12. Things I Don't Like

    But a converted 3.5 ton Sprinter magically is safe doing 10mph more once it's re-registered as a motor caravan... the law is an ***** sometimes! I don't particularly like being stuck under the car having to replace the rear ARB links only 3 weeks after having them replaced the first time! Eurocarparts "Starline" budget brand, bought only because they were the only ones I could could get hold of on the 23rd December. Got two in the sealed bag in the box, but have been told this was unusual as they are singles. Went and bought some Delphi brand links from a local factors this time around... working out cheaper than ECP (and the Ford dealer who wanted £49 EACH ). Also if anyone knows - how tight do you make these things? The workshop manual online says 25Nm, but the center was starting to deform rather than the torque wrench clicking so i stopped, and just left them reasonably tight (and some threadlocker). Knocking noise all gone thank god!
  13. 2007 Focus 1.8 immobiliser

    Do you have any equipment to measure the battery voltage? Do your lights look bright?
  14. Pollen filter

    Is this the one fitted as standard for Ford services? I've noticed the "Odor Filter Plus" as an added charge?
  15. Things I Don't Like

    Goods vehicles over 2000kg iirc limited to 60mph that aren't car derived vans. Motorhomes fall under the motor caravan regs (Your vivaro, if converted to a motor caravan spec, could do 70mph. But as a goods vehicle, no.)