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  1. Check you haven't left any aftermarket bits on the radio harness (think steering wheel adapter boxes) - if it doesn't let the canbus network go to sleep, the car won't sleep properly. Can you lock yourself in the car (with a window down), and let the car go to sleep, and then start pulling fuses one by one?
  2. Update so far - reapplied the silicone grease to the HT leads to keep the water out. Journey (consisting of 44 miles of city driving, motorway and country roads) returned 40mpg... Much more than the 34mpg I've been getting from it for the past few months. Guessing that may settle back to 36ish once I've taken it to work and back for a few times. I also managed to lose part of the HT lead clip, I think it's just a spacer (the remaining half is cable tied to the HT leads to keep them there) - anyone know if it's strictly necessary? They're £7ish new... Forscan still shows the downstream sensor at 0.6v but a much steadier line, the upstream sensor swings as it should. LTFT is near enough bang on zero. David, do you have access to an elm cable and forscan to check for codes and view live data?
  3. Replaced the coil pack today, had a look at the air filter too, aside from looking a little crushed it seemed clean. Revs don't dip at idle any more when you open the throttle and let go, and it pulls like new. Problem solved! Now for a well earned beer so much thanks to everyone!
  4. I'm not quite sure why the trim values are so high in forscan, I'm not sure if it can correctly plot negative percentages. Monitoring both with torque and a Bluetooth elm it sits less than +-5%. I monitored just the o2 sensors on the way home, if I force the issue to occur there is a notable drop in voltage to the rear sensor for a short moment. Otherwise the pre cat sensor oscillates as I think it should and the post cat sensor stays pretty constant. It is cold here when I'm doing this (< 5 degrees) would that account for the extra fuel or higher o2 sensor readings? The MAP readings read around 28ish at idle, they increase when accelerating (is this correct?). The MAF readings increase on opening the throttle. No codes other than Multiple or Random misfire. And ECP are still giving me different answers about my order depending on who I speak to!
  5. Coil pack is not in the post, apparently the ECP guy told me incorrectly (the guy today said he was new)... Borrowed a colleagues ELM cable, so have a bit of live data. This wass a bit quick (didn't realise Forscan only shows 8 data sources on the oscilloscope), but gives a bit more info. I'll maybe get some better data tomorrow. From what I can see there does appear to be a drop in the O2 sensors value (which from what i've read means there may be unburnt oxygen getting to them). Fuel system status has 3 states, open, closed and fault (it went into fault mode when I accelerated the second time and the eml started flashing).
  6. Sounds like my focus (At least the flashing EML going up hills or accelerating) - does it misfire? Mine doesn't back fire though as far as I am aware! If you want to go down the coil pack route, ECP may have your model and with the blackfriday discount code it brings it to £22ish.
  7. I was going to fit a tablet to my car - i had the project about half way there and found issues with ground loops, along with auto powering the tablet. Obviously this won't be an issue if you're planning on it being removable. I was going to mount everything in an electrical box behind the tablet in the Dash with custom power/car interface circuitry I made using an arduino... Basically - it's doable, just keep at it! There is suitable wiring at the radio connector for everything you would wish to do.
  8. Will do. Coil pack is apparently in the post. Hopefully this fixes it as it will lighten my week up a bit! - only today had someone decide to kiss my rear bumper at a roundabout and my dash cam decided to do it's "recording stopped" just as he hit me... no damage, no injuries, details exchanged, hope thats the end of it.
  9. Update for you all. Today it drove fine, until my return journey and it started playing up again. Either that or i'm getting used to the changing of gears. P0300 code is set as "pending". Random/Multiple misfire. Notice that on pressing the accelerator briskly at a standstill there is an appreciable "woosh" noise, but i'm not sure if this is a new thing or to be expected from a sudden increase in revs/air movement. Disconnecting the hose from the air box, there is a good amount of suction there, doesn't appear to be any splits in any hoses i've checked. Reseated all HT leads, all the connectors seem shiny and bright, no corrosion. Didn't measure the resistance of them though as didn't have time. Plugs all look clean, plug wells look clean, no water, oil, etc. What at first I thought was water, turns out to be some dielectric grease on the rubber of all the leads. Exhaust gas is definitely reaching the end of the exhaust pipe under some pressure. My new OBDII cable was a dud from the onset, so no Forscan, but from OBDII: Vacuum - 20ish at idle, dropping on raising revs in neutral. Long term fuel trim - i've had readings from -5% to 0.5% on the journey Throttle position appears to correlate with the accelerator pedal. Temperature appears good Atmospheric pressure sensor seems good Fuel system is staying in Closed loop when it should Bit lost, at this rate it's going to a garage next week if the coil pack doesn't fix it! Edit: After reading this whole thing again, it's made me realise - P0300. Multiple/Random misfire. So either multiple spark plugs are dodgy (pretty sure they were replaced in Jan when it was serviced), or if it is ignition side, perhaps it is the coil pack after all... Or something else. Life isn't going well at present...
  10. I remember my old corsa, drove through a puddle too fast and it ripped the wheel arch trim right off! Thankfully my Focus doesn't suffer from this issue of water removing trim...
  11. Absolutely, the first couple of times I did drive with it doing it to try and get a code stored but now much more aware. Got quite used to the gear changes now - reminds me of the driving test where you have to "eco drive". Carparts4less have the HAAS ignition leads for £11 for a set of 4 (the shorter ones), or £13 for a set of the longer ones with discount codes (pretty sure this is an ECP sister site). Will let you guys know how I get on, thanks Peter for all the help and advice, it is much appreciated! I will have a chat with the mechanics at work and see if they can quickly whip out my plugs a bit earlier than Saturday too.
  12. Right, gotcha. Should there be any issues driving the car (whilst the flashing light is not on, and not causing it to judder)? I'm a bit stuck without it I understand the risk to the cat if unburnt or very rich fuel mixtures are allowed to pass through the engine. I'll be able to remove the plugs Saturday to have a look, unfortunately I don't have the tools sufficient to do that here!
  13. I'll be testing the resistance of the cables in the morning when I check them all for corrosion and checking the insulation too. Granted, it'll only be at 2v or whatever my DMM puts out but should show any major differences in the leads. Surely the plugs would run better at higher voltage (WOT) kind of ruling them out? ECP have leads too, once I know which length I need i may order some of those too so I can use the same code!
  14. I'm not sure about what you mean - it's got the long plungery type sockets that attach onto the plugs, which then go over to the coil pack which sits on the passenger side of the engine.
  15. Bought a new coil pack from Eurocarparts as they had them for £21 with discount code - a steal and at the very least I can take it back if I don't need it. The "open circuit" was something I quickly remembered - on going back and trying it, the car runs in open circuit until up to temperature, then reads "Closed circuit" when accelerating or idling. It goes open circuit again if the engine light flashes and it reads "Open Circuit - System Failure", or if you decelerate "Open Circuit - Engine Load or Deceleration" - so a bit of a red herring I think. I normally drive quite briskly, usually accelerating using 3rd then popping into 4th/5th, so this is totally unusual. Reading online it seems to be quite a common thing with Fords, and reading other peoples adventures changing fuel filters, injectors, spark plugs, etc and it ending up being the coil pack make it seem worthwhile just changing it. Bought amazon prime for The Grand Tour... who knew a few days later it would be coming in handy for getting a USB Elm327 next day, for the princely sum of £6 10pm at night! Almost as cheap as the bay. The Bluetooth ELM thing I have flags up as a "bad elm327 clone" in Forscan.