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  1. If you definitely have the Factory fitted parking sensors then you may have to get an OEM one, but should be plug and play. If you have aftermarket sensors you will be able to get them much cheaper elsewhere (the Ford OEM ones may not work).
  2. Is it the Ford factory head unit or an aftermarket one?
  3. They're ok as long as you shop around. Sometimes when the codes apply to other things (such as penetrating fluid and brake cleaner) it makes it worthwhile (and being able to collect that day!)
  4. I always wake up feeling nauseous, and therefore don't eat breakfast usually. Have a drink though, water or squash. The nausea in my case is because my gut likes to cause trouble... You are likely to become tolerant to the amount of caffeine you drink, if you have it every day. You may also feel the effects of not drinking the usual amount!
  5. Have you checked the fuses under the bonnet too? I'm not entirely sure how accurate the schematics are for the 2005 Focus compared to the mk 2.5, but the permanent battery live for the radio comes directly from the battery, through a fuse in the EJB, into the PJB, through a fuse there and directly to the radio. The Ignition sense connection comes from the EJB, through the ignition barrel, through the PJB and fuse, and then to the radio. Does your instrument cluster light up correctly on turning the key?
  6. Arms definitely less complicated than the bushes alone... Do the suspension bolts need replacing too? I hve read that they are stretch bolts and therefore will not torque corrctly after refitting? Is there a torque table definitely for the UK Focus mk 2.5 anywhere?
  7. Sup all! Recent service/MOT shows that my front rearward bushes are deteriorating (but not excessive movement as of yet). The Ford service centre quoted £200~ iirc to replace the bushes both sides and included retracking. Looking into the replacement process, I understand that these bushes will likely need cutting off the suspension arm/wishbone, and will not come quietly. Unipart list the entire suspension arm for £30-£50 with all bushes and ball joint, with a 2 year guarantee. The rearward bush is £20 with them (£25 with http://fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_mk2_front_susupension_arm_bush_2005-2008_f_1883046.htm - not quite the correct one for the car but an example). Thoughts behind the entire arm being, if i'm replacing a bush thats nearly worn, then surely the other bushes will have been exposed to the same conditions! I'm certainly willing to give it a go, leaning more towards replacing the entire suspension arms vs. cutting off the old bushes. Is this something that can be done on the driveway with a couple of jacks/stands and hand tools only, or would people really recommend just getting a garage to do the job? Cheers!
  8. Open the bonnet whilst the vehicle is locked and see if the vehicle horn sounds :) It may just be the basic one, whereby a door opening sets it off - it won't have the internal detectors or battery backed sounder. Do you have a funny microphone type protrusion both sides of your interior light?
  9. According to the Tesco website: Ingredients: Pork (74%), Pork Fat, Wheat Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Rehydrated Onion, Salt, Stabilisers (Sodium Triphosphate, Sodium Polyphosphate), Dried Onion, Rubbed Sage, Dried Parsley, Yeast, Parsley, Sage, White Pepper, Flavouring, Antioxidant (Sodium Ascorbate), Ginger, Parsley Extract, Pepper Extract, Pepper, Mustard Flour, Onion, Sugar, Milk Sugar, Cardamom, Pimento, Lemon Peel Powder, Chilli, Mace, Preservative (Sodium Nitrite), Coriander, Nutmeg. So the carbs will be the Flour, Onion, spices, and Milk sugar (lactose).
  10. I'd personally be asking for a gesture of good will, i.e. partial refund of your service fee for your trouble also!
  11. Talking of fuse boxes... I like the fact the local ford garage are happy to service my car and have never complained about the extra wiring heading to the fuse box!
  12. I've had some from eBay - £12 3 years ago and the driver's side one has only just worn through after 36k. I do drive with industrial safety boots on the majority of the time though so it's hard work on the mat! They're not genuine but do come with the standard fixing holes to utilise the clips. Just ordered another set a week ago - will save my other mats (all nearly pristine) for jobs where im working under the car.
  13. Xtrons also do them, I got one to fit my focus. The canbus transceiver chips are relatively cheap anyway and there is little other circuitry required to interface with the canbus network. I have interfaced a custom micro with my car with no issues (except if you short the canbus lines together you need to power cycle everything).
  14. If you don't have the button in the center of your dash, it should be available as an option in the settings menu via the indicator stalk in the cluster - this allows you to enable/disable the ESP.
  15. Do your cigarette lighter sockets work? Does anything else not work? I haven't got the wiring diagram to hand but there are also some fuses in the main engine fuse box that supply the bus bars, I'd expect a lot more to be wrong if those had blown but worth checking. Can you check with a test lamp or DMM if you're actually getting 12v at the radio plug?