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  1. Note your mileage, brim the tank, drive a fair distance, then brim the tank again. Work out how much fuel you have to put in the second time, and note your mileage from your odometer. You can calculate your MPG and figure out if your gauge is just out, or if your car is using more fuel.
  2. A small scratch or a circular scratch around the whole disk? the former - someone has probably tried cleaning it and damaged the disk. The latter, then something has potentially got onto the inner assembly of the drive and caused a scratch. The lens itself will not scratch the disk - the disk spins constantly when being read. You can try a mild abrasive, such as toothpaste. Liberally apply to a damp disk (fingers seem to be fine), then wash off and dry from inside to outside. This may or may not work, and has the potential to damage the disk further, just be warned.
  3. Steering wheel wobble (NOT WHEELS)

    Got one on mine, at 50-60mph and above. I do have a "propeller" noise, but my tyres have worn non-uniformly due to an alignment problem (+mot advisory last year about "Offside Rear Road wheel with a slightly distorted bead rim"). Will be swapping them at some point when they're getting near to the legal limit with 4 tyres that are equal and balancing and will see if that fixes it. Otherwise i'd consider a wheel bearing, but when jacked up there is no play in any road wheels or noise on turning them.
  4. Space Saver Tyre Quiery

    You say to satisfy the MOT, but i'm pretty sure you don't need a spare to pass, and the spare is not checked as part of the MOT. What i'm sure you can't do, however, is pass an MOT with a space saver fitted (all wheels/tyres must be the same size), so the same size alloy/tyre would be a requirement.
  5. Parking sensors, Cameras and Insurance

    Elephant insurance put my quote up by £6 for having sensors fitted, and that still didn't cover them if I was claiming a fault claim. If i wanted therm covered for that, then I had to pay an extra £28. When a new set can cost as little as £8 on eBay, it's hardly worth it.
  6. Focus mk2 Air Conditioning problem

    I believe there is an AC pressure sw pid in Forscan
  7. 12volt socket power.

    You may find that it is "permanent live", did it do this before? It may also go off after a period of time (> 20 minutes) if you car is fitted with a battery protection relay.
  8. Any braking action by the car, or the noise of the ABS/TC pump? Do you get any other changes on the clocks, such as temperature going to dashes, speedo/tacho/temp/fuel level dropping or acting strange, or odometer going to dashes? Helps if you can check the codes - this may be the classical instrument cluster connector fault. You should have a "U" code stored if it is this. The connector soldering can fail and cause can-bus communication errors. Can you replicate or fix the fault by pressing/tapping on the clocks?
  9. Cigarette lighter fault

    Clean the center contact with a cotton bud. Remove the fuse beforehand and let it dry before placing back. No sat nav I can ever imagine would need a 20A fuse. Replacing a blown fuse with a larger value without first checking for faults is asking for a fire - you have to ensure the wiring can handle the higher fault current required to blow the fuse. In my socket at least, there are two slots either side - one of my phone chargers has the ground ears that slip straight through these slots meaning that 1) it gets stuck in the socket and pulls the whole cig assembly out when you remove it, and 2) it doesn't make good ground contact
  10. Things I Don't Like

    Unplug / replug your fakra connector and leads, if you have a multimeter you can check any ground for continuity.
  11. Front fog light wire

    Looks like pin 3 of the connector, Green/Blue.
  12. Things I Don't Like

    Definitely the camera? Check all your wiring especially grounds. I had a "rolling" picture which turned out to be a bad video signal ground.
  13. Engine vibration at 60mph and over

    Just check everything in the engine bay is tight and secure. The accelerator pedal is not physically connected to the engine in these models (fly by wire), so any vibrations felt in it are from the car itself. There is a big engine mount to the drivers side of the engine, if it looks greasy or oily, and has free play, it may need replacing. There are two other mounts iirc that are just rubber so may have perished - your mechanic should know where these are.
  14. Aftermarket stereo not working?

    You should always have power on the permanent connection, and only power on ignition with the other. The Ground pin is the one next to the ignition sense pin, with the empty space above it. You can do this with a multimeter if you have one on 20V DC range, if not, £5 on ebay will get you one suitable for car electrics only (do not try using on mains, they like to explode if any fault occurs). You should have 11-14v between the pins. It's a worthwhile investment. If you haven't got a multimeter you may be able to use a W5W bulb (draws approx 500mA), between both pins and ground. It should light if voltage is there - this may have a better show of if the ground is actually good vs just making a tiny bit of connection.
  15. Ford Focus 58 Reg 6000CD Faulty

    Any third party handsfree devices in the car? Any sign that any have been fitted? (Screw holes, sticky residue, etc)? There may be something connected to the quadlock connector that is putting the radio into phone mode.