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  1. Never noticed anything like that, going to have to look now! I also have the black parking sensor speaker on the nearside (Xvision). Is it possibly something to do with the SRS system (crash sensor?)
  2. I get 35mpg on my Focus... i'm a bit spirited of a driver though, and always have the aircon on!
  3. Do you get a click when you press and release the brake pedal? This would be something to do with the ESP/ABS (and as Peter has already said, it does seem to click a bit if you go along a bumpy/windy road a bit brisk)
  4. Have you checked for any fuses which correspond to the climate control/AC/Fans/etc? If you've changed the relay and it's still not kicking in, then i'd suspect either a fuse, or a wiring fault. Does the relay click (if you put your finger on it, or ear to it, you should feel/hear it click)?
  5. Had a vibration/rumbling - caused by one of the front (was a rear, but swapped wheels to even tyre wear) wheels being massively out of balance (thinking I lost a weight along the way somewhere!). Just because the wheel bearing spins freely with no weight, doesn't mean it will with the best part of 3-500kg on it. I would have replaced it anyway as you have the part as a fault finding exercise.
  6. The led ring is somewhere in a toolbox. Of which I currently have 3 and will need a 4th soon enough
  7. Are yours an aftermarket addon? If so, generally they'll be near the back if there is no display. The big rear loom appears to be on the passenger side of the boot behind the trim. Alternatively - turn your ignition to pos II (engine not running), put car in reverse, and follow the (quiet) beeps.
  8. To be fair, mine never fit properly (unable to close the steering wheel cowl fully afterwards), so butchered the end of it - kept the plastic outside ring to cover the irregularity of the ignition barrel and then fitted some leds to it.
  9. The temperature display, handbrake light, etc, also happens if something goes wrong with the MS-CAN (iirc!) bus (as I found when I accidentally shorted the bus wires together...). Possibly a bad connection either at the IC or any other module/water contamination/bad solder joint.
  10. Mine also says about the "less headlamp control" and "auto headlights" (or something of that nature). I assumed it to be the "See you home" lights when you pull the stalk back with ignition off (and headlamp control the brightness knob).
  11. I'll check mine tomorrow, mine seems to get cold extremely quickly even on the hottest days, so much so that the windscreen gets condensation on the outside from the vents directing it at the screen... maybe mine is the only system that works properly! Temperatures: Outside (Focus IC): 25 degrees Outside (K-type thermocouple): 24 degrees Center vent, set for face, coldest and fan speed 2: 3.7 degrees C within 1 minute, at 1200rpm. Once the RPM had dropped to normal idle the temperature crept back up to 6 degrees (still acceptable to me when outside is 25!). I didn't check the cabin cooling time, as normally just me in the car.
  12. I have had one non-fault claim recorded, but dealt directly with the third party insurer with regards to repair cost.
  13. Are you used to an Automatic? This is standard behaviour on a manual car, the engine is always running, and so if you have the clutch released you will always get transfer of power to the wheels (tickover in 2nd is about 10mph) - the car will attempt to not stall, so will fight you pressing the brake if you get too low without dipping the clutch.
  14. I pay £425, driving for 6 years, 6 years NCD. Ford Focus 2010 1.6 Zetec. I went with Hastings Direct.
  15. If you're renewing with the same company, I don't see an issue but you need to double check with them (I guess your new plan will start on the date your old plan ends, but you won't have your new car for a little of your plan).