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  1. It is free - the extended licence is also free but you need an account, and to activate it via their website. It is a very good application, and quite intuitive.
  2. Yes, there are two canbus networks on the Focus. You can modify your unit yourself or just return it and use your new one!
  3. I think the local Ford garage do mine without removing the glove box - dash cam is all wired into the glovebox and it was not unplugged when they did it.
  4. Have you got a modified elm unit - with a hs/ms canbus switch? If so, make sure you click Yes on the popup that asks if one is fitted from Forscan,
  5. Have you tried asking any local garages their prices? If you have no gas in the system it will need to be competely vacuumed out and that vacuum checked before refilling - so may cost a bit more than just a hose.
  6. The fuseboard layout changed for the mk 2/2.5s - you can check your owners manual if you have it
  7. maybe some luck here
  8. F130 appears to be for the AWD module according to the wiring diagram, although I know the fuse boxes are slightly different between the Facelift and non-facelift Mk 2 - but that would explain the live only whilst engine running scenario. The speaker wires (2 of for each speaker run) run back to the radio - the tweeters seemingly run off the main speaker cable for each speaker. Have you tried measuring the resistance for each speaker run? (Left Front, Right Front, Right Rear, Left Rear) - you should get a reading probably from 2 ohm to 16 ohm - a short or a high resistance would indicate a problem with the speakers or wiring. Is it possible that the speakers have been overloaded at any point?
  9. I have attached a relay to the bottom of the socket next to the handbrake, and run a wire to an ignition switched fuse-tap. Unfortunately the advice about finding other fuse locations does not seem to be accurate for the Mk 2.5 at least.
  10. There is a can signal for reverse, it is used by the can interface box for my android radio. I also found it when I was doing some CAN interfacing with an Arduino.
  11. Do you mean as you're moving forward it feels as if the wheel moves itself back to a certain position/direction?
  12. If it's just following the heater matrix being replaced, check the steering column inside the drivers footwell, make sure everything is clear (thinking cable tie touching the steering column) - is the noise inside or outside the vehicle?
  13. Knowing the Focus IC problem with damaged/broken solder joints on the IC connector, have we checked the security and condition of the connector / solder joints on the back of the IC?
  14. I honestly listen to anything and everything. Currently got a mixture from the Buzzcocks, Dire Straits, DJ Sammy, Divinyls, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Nirvana, Greenday, etc! Not forgetting Avicii and A-ha.
  15. All electronic devices give off some EM interference. Unfortunately the frequencies of this interference given off by GPS receivers and dash cams seems to be just right to disturb DAB and other signals. Ferrites, other leads (maybe the bad power lead is not shielded, or is but only at the camera end, basically acting like a large antenna) may help, but ultimately it might just have to be another camera. Is it a branded Sat Nav or a chinese cheapie?