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  1. Definitely and all taken on board. It's quite nice when all the little bits of knowledge I had about how engines work all come together when the missing pieces are put into place. Besides, the tools can be kept or passed onto someone else needing to do this job - hoping that I will be able to get some video, or at least a full set of pictures of all the steps - as it seems there is no real good guide for doing it! It's still cheaper buying kit + tools and 3 hours of my time, than working the 36 hours required to pay a garage to do it.
  2. Glovebox socket

    It makes a handy wire path for any accessories to be hidden away. Just as long as your garage doesn't like removing your glove box to get to the air filter
  3. lights coming on then going off and on again

    What kind of bulb did you put in? Do you have auto lights?
  4. But if the timing is actually wrong, the cams will carry on turning at an incorrect timing to the crank, so i can imagine a few more valves might come a cropper. You can get a whole 1.6 car (08) for £900. Not that the engine is going to be broken at any point... I only get about 5 days off, so some very busy days off if it were to go pearshaped!
  5. That's what scared me initially, that I could literally destroy the engine in one fell swoop. Also why I asked if the crank can actually move backwards by itself once locked - if it can't, then when you put the belt on, there is no chance of it coming out of time. Then I thought about it a bit more - and why in probably becoming annoying on here asking questions - because the Ford procedure (and Autodata procedure) warn of all the problem areas - and then get you to run the engine over two cycles by hand after anyway, so if it is out, I'd imagine you'd feel abnormal resistance anyway. Still plucking up the courage to buy all the stuff and get it done... Maybe I'm just a cheapskate, or don't like to be fobbed off for hundreds, I don't know.
  6. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    Yep. To be fair, it may just be because of where the abs pump is attached to the car, meaning it is very audible. The works vehicles just sound like a little purr when the abs/traction goes off.
  7. Hi mate, just going off the Autodata book - warns multiple times that the crankshaft sprocket is not keyed to the crankshaft... But then doesn't mention holding the crank at all! So although the pin stops the crank in the clockwise direction, when you put the belt on anticlockwise in my mind the crank will be able to move (which I've just answered myself, as it's all loose, once you tighten the cams up they're all locked, and when you tighten the pulley bolt, it'll all be against the pin, so will time it all up). I've heard mention of breaking the pin off if tightening the pulley bolt against it... But can't remember where or who said it! Specifically says to hold camshaft pulleys, does not say hold crank in the Autodata instructions. Only the crank bolt angle tightened. Have you ever had problems getting the crank pulley off one of these engines and needing a puller? ECP seems to have a hard time matching my car with correct parts, although the contitech aux belts come with a fitting tool (and the dayco ones also say "fitting tool" in extra info, might need a trip down to check everything is in order before buying).
  8. Right. After being run around by a few garages and getting fed up with Ford in general (who doesn't replace the tensioner when doing the timing belt?), i've decided to investigate a bit futher into doing it myself. I have read the Ford guide (less words than i'd like), and just want to confirm with someone who has done this themselves. The car is a Focus 2010 - "Focus 2008-, 1.6L Duratec 16V PFI (100PS) Sigma". Is the water pump worth doing at the same time, if i'm doing myself? I understand that it is not run by the timing belt, so not a complete removal required if it does need replacing. Extra tools required: Engine locking tools - https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/laser-4347-timing-tool-set-3096-updated-fo/: C - C311 21-259 | 303-748 Crankshaft Timing Tool D - C312 21-162B | 303-376 | 303-376B Camshaft Alignment Plate Pulley holding tool (for tightening the pulley bolts) - i.e. http://www.lasertools.co.uk/product/2869 I have access to a 600mm breaker bar, electric impact, various 3/8 and 1/2" socket sizes up to 24mm. Following the pictures sent by Stef (thanks buddy!) the only things I have questions about are Turning the engine via the crank shaft, does the crank turn clockwise (to the front of the car), or anticlockwise (to the rear)? Do you need to support the crank pulley whilst trying to loosen the crank bolt? Is an impact ok (if I can get it in there!)? How likely is it that the pulley will be seized on the crankshaft (comments previously about needing a puller on it!)? It says the crankshaft sprocket is not keyed to the crankshaft. Does the crankshaft pulley hold the sprocket in time? On fitting the belt (anti-clockwise), will the crankshaft stay in place, or does the belt need to be held in place til tightened + tensioned? I only have a standard torque wrench (minimum 28Nm), for angular torque can I mark the bolt and work the angles out from that? Certainly more willing to have a go, increase my own confidence, and I will hopefully have a mechanically minded buddy with me too. Will know by the end of this month whether I am going to have a go, plenty of video will be taken if so to try and get a video guide done of this exact engine. Timing belt on ECP showing as: https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Focus_1.6_2009/p/car-parts/belts-chains-and-tensioners/engine-parts/timing-belt-kit/?348778516 however looking up the number on the belt in the picture, it appears to be the incorrect Finis equivilent (1675963 instead of 1823388 - which is showing in the Ford Parts catalogue). Does someone have the correct Finis number for the 1.6L 100ps engine?
  9. Focus mk2 brake pedal clunk?

    How frequently does it happen? For instance, there is a corner by me that also has a (slightly raised) man hole cover. Going round the corner, if you go over the manhole cover at 40mph, it'll do the above. At 30mph, it won't. I cannot say 100% it's the same noise, but it certainly sounds it. There is no flashing ESP light with it, it is just a single clunk. Find an empty car park, room enough to turn the car in one go. Turn the engine off, key out, then key back in and start the ignition (fresh start) - turn steering full lock and you should be able to recreate the noise by turning whilst accelerating over the 10-15mph which the ABS test happens (if I come out of the petrol station near work, which is a tight left hander, whilst accelerating, it'll do the same).
  10. Things I Don't Like

    This is it - and one of the reasons why i'm happy paying the extra for the proper Ford service. £60ish is probably the closest to comparable recovery package.
  11. Things I Don't Like

    So battling with Ford over their Motorcraft pricing and procedures... told today that the £339 Timing Belt procedure does not include replacing (what I would assume from the little I know to be fairly critical to the belts performance) Tensioner. Spoke to two different dealers who both repeated the same - the tensioner is not included. Best of all, the garage I called did not have the Motorcraft Timing belt procedure down for £339, but £514... Also told that the Roadside Assistance with Motorcraft service will cost an extra £12 to activate. Pulling my hair out a little!
  12. If you could have any car

    I would like some kind of Tesla. The specs are good, and I like gadgets. Unfortunately in my car park, there is nowhere to park that would facilitate charging. That, or a Focus RS. Just as long as i'm not paying for either. Totally impractical.
  13. Windscreen wiper problems

    If you have ever used Rain-X or anything similar you will need something stronger to get it off. Talking to the customer service advisor for Bluecol Rain Repellent, he recommended White Spirit to me. It did work, but minimally.
  14. DPF replacement, argh!

    Paypal Return Shipping on Us: https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/refunded-returns If he is a business:- Have a read: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-contracts-regulations#cancelling-goods-and-services If he is arguing the toss, and refusing, then just refer it to eBay. You will need to pay for return shipping unless eBay send you a label, but you should receive a FULL refund of what you paid (including any shipping costs for them to send it to you if not Free delivery). Remember to try and claim back your return shipping if you do have to pay for it.
  15. Dtc D900 & failure to start

    What voltage do you have when the car is running?