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  1. Make sure all the wiring is ok at the back. You should be able to check (at least summarily) the speaker wiring with a multimeter (you should have lowish ohms - 2-8ohms on the speaker circuits). As all speakers have gone at once just check there is not a fuse for the amp section at the back of the radio also - an old fashioned radio/tv repair shop might be best suited for this!
  2. Get mid 30s lots of stopping and starting will drop mpg. On a long (40 mile) run of country roads and motorway I will get 38-39 even in winter.
  3. The (electronic) air horn is indeed part of the siren system. You can get individual boxes but i'm not sure how legal they are. They are just frequencies mashed together (like your existing horn) and not musical but still... i wouldn't like to try it!
  4. It's the normal startup sequence for most cars - the accelerated idle helps warm the engine and exhaust more quickly, helping to cut emissions and I suppose help with engine power/health (at least, once the startup has finished). I think of it as the car having a choke and it being shut for the first bit of every cold startup. As for the knocking, is it definitely coming from the engine? Maybe a loose belt, or loose/bad bearing on any of the pullys?
  5. Standard steering wheel control boxes won't communicate over canbus, it is entirely resistive in nature. My head unit has a box which allows for it to detect being in reverse and illumination status (it communicates over canbus) though, so dependent upon your aftermarket radio it might have a canbus box too (or not). Does the courtesy light function as normal when opening and shutting doors? Does the car deadlock? Does the alarm go off if you deadlock the car and open the bonnet? (Boot light is useful too to prove the boot sensor is working - as you have done). If you have an interior alarm, does that function properly if you leave a window down and are inside? You could pull relays. If you have a DC current clamp meter (££) you could trace through wiring too.
  6. The lights dim on my newer Focus when both screens are on, I don't notice a lot of power drop (the lights come back to normal intensity), but it may depend on how big the alternator is that is fitted.
  7. I mounted mine in the number plate light, and added an LED bulb to the other side to match the colour. Works flawlessly and pre aligned to show a small portion of the bumper too for reference. Edit: eBay Link not sure if this is just for mk 2.5. This one does have the built in distance lines, with the bumper in view as the red.
  8. Because the coil pack creates a high voltage (enough for a spark to jump in essentially high pressure fuel and air mix), it is susceptable to insulation breakdown and failure of electronic components (all enclosed in hard resin by the looks of things). Wouldn't have thought it would have blown wiring (would have blown the fuse first...). Had a look at mine, no obvious external damage, cracks, etc. It has what appears to be a date "09/10/12". 12 October 2009 kind of matches previous dates i've seen around my engine bay (2010 car), but concerning more is if the date is as it is read, meaning that it was replaced in 2012 also... My car did come originally from Jersey so has been around - unfavourable - coastal weather.
  9. Check you haven't left any aftermarket bits on the radio harness (think steering wheel adapter boxes) - if it doesn't let the canbus network go to sleep, the car won't sleep properly. Can you lock yourself in the car (with a window down), and let the car go to sleep, and then start pulling fuses one by one?
  10. Update so far - reapplied the silicone grease to the HT leads to keep the water out. Journey (consisting of 44 miles of city driving, motorway and country roads) returned 40mpg... Much more than the 34mpg I've been getting from it for the past few months. Guessing that may settle back to 36ish once I've taken it to work and back for a few times. I also managed to lose part of the HT lead clip, I think it's just a spacer (the remaining half is cable tied to the HT leads to keep them there) - anyone know if it's strictly necessary? They're £7ish new... Forscan still shows the downstream sensor at 0.6v but a much steadier line, the upstream sensor swings as it should. LTFT is near enough bang on zero. David, do you have access to an elm cable and forscan to check for codes and view live data?
  11. Replaced the coil pack today, had a look at the air filter too, aside from looking a little crushed it seemed clean. Revs don't dip at idle any more when you open the throttle and let go, and it pulls like new. Problem solved! Now for a well earned beer so much thanks to everyone!
  12. I'm not quite sure why the trim values are so high in forscan, I'm not sure if it can correctly plot negative percentages. Monitoring both with torque and a Bluetooth elm it sits less than +-5%. I monitored just the o2 sensors on the way home, if I force the issue to occur there is a notable drop in voltage to the rear sensor for a short moment. Otherwise the pre cat sensor oscillates as I think it should and the post cat sensor stays pretty constant. It is cold here when I'm doing this (< 5 degrees) would that account for the extra fuel or higher o2 sensor readings? The MAP readings read around 28ish at idle, they increase when accelerating (is this correct?). The MAF readings increase on opening the throttle. No codes other than Multiple or Random misfire. And ECP are still giving me different answers about my order depending on who I speak to!
  13. Coil pack is not in the post, apparently the ECP guy told me incorrectly (the guy today said he was new)... Borrowed a colleagues ELM cable, so have a bit of live data. This wass a bit quick (didn't realise Forscan only shows 8 data sources on the oscilloscope), but gives a bit more info. I'll maybe get some better data tomorrow. From what I can see there does appear to be a drop in the O2 sensors value (which from what i've read means there may be unburnt oxygen getting to them). Fuel system status has 3 states, open, closed and fault (it went into fault mode when I accelerated the second time and the eml started flashing).
  14. Sounds like my focus (At least the flashing EML going up hills or accelerating) - does it misfire? Mine doesn't back fire though as far as I am aware! If you want to go down the coil pack route, ECP may have your model and with the blackfriday discount code it brings it to £22ish.