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  1. Information gleaned from the web (and a manufacturers website), stated that you can tell by the colour of the circlip holding the boot on the balljoint. It matched to mine (blue, 21mm). Year also comes into play, < 2007 > 2007. The only sure fire way is probably to measure.
  2. Check his insurance policy, some do not treat vandalism as a fault claim, but beware of renewal costs! Someone did this to my old Corsa when it was parked up whilst I was on a university placement, parked up on a quiet industrial estate, never noticed when i came back to it (at night) and woke up the next morning with my parents shouts to come and look at it. This is partly why I am looking into getting my dash cam to run constantly (or invest in a second system to run at lower resolution constantly).
  3. Hi stef123, Well, aside from the pictures, my copy of the Ford Workshop guide for doing it appears to be incomplete. I wondered if you had any more detailed information just in general!
  4. I bought a unit from eBay supposedly it shuts off at 11.6v (however bench testing it shows it shuts off at 11v) - so I'm going to test with some extra resistors to raise it up to 12.2v cut off. My camera does about 2 hours on battery in motion detect and then shuts off. You can get professional products (power magic pro) too.
  5. Hi stef123, I wondered if you had any information that might help me too - i'm looking to do the same with my engine (I believe it's exactly the same as the op's). I have read through the Ford workshop guide to doing it, but some steps seem to be gleaned over and not explained fully. Thanks in advance buddy!
  6. I can't help you with if they are the correct parts, but I am looking to do my own belt (possibly)! So keeping an eye. I think you are correct, that there are two belts (auxillary), and one drive belt.
  7. The abs self test happens when you reach 10-15 mph and sounds worse if you're turning when it happens. It will only happen once every ignition cycle.
  8. Mines a squirter. Sorry. It comes out, kind of directed at the glass, but the wiper does most of the work.
  9. Ask your vet (obviously tell them why you want them) - they will have syringes and needles around, and if not free, they will be a couple of quid maximum - preferably for your purposes a drawing up/filling needle with a blunt, or near blunt tip (no filters though, you'll probably never get the stuff through). For food prep can be washed and safely stowed with the needle cap on - don't stab yourself - and reused when required (but to dispose of, take to your vet to put in the yellow bin).
  10. Does it only do it when you reach full left? If you attempt to turn the wheel when stationary (engine off) does it do it also? If you are turning on fuill lock does it repeatedly click? I would be checking that the tie rod end nut is secure, the locking nut for the tie rod end is secure, and that there isn't any free play in the tie rod end. If it clicks repeatedly whilst turning on full lock the possibility of it being the CV joint (give everything in the wheel well a good going over, making sure there are no broken boots, no abnormal free play in anything, check the spring is intact, etc).
  11. May be worth checking it is enabled in Elmconfig, also checking the airbag module is ok (connected) and correct airbags enabled. Elmconfig is a configuration programme which allows you to program the individual features of your car. You need an elm adapter that is suitably modified (£15) and a laptop or windows tablet you can plug usb devices into. There are lots of threads on here about them if you search - you could use Forscan with the same cable to see if the retraints module is in fact in place also
  12. You can get right angled aux cables, and if you run it out of the bottom you shouldn't get it caught
  13. Was that done at a local or at a Ford dealer?
  14. May be worth checking it is enabled in Elmconfig, also checking the airbag module is ok (connected) and correct airbags enabled.
  15. Push in and turn to the left you will get parking lights (basically your sidelights with no warning buzzer).