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  1. The temperature display, handbrake light, etc, also happens if something goes wrong with the MS-CAN (iirc!) bus (as I found when I accidentally shorted the bus wires together...). Possibly a bad connection either at the IC or any other module/water contamination/bad solder joint.
  2. Mine also says about the "less headlamp control" and "auto headlights" (or something of that nature). I assumed it to be the "See you home" lights when you pull the stalk back with ignition off (and headlamp control the brightness knob).
  3. I'll check mine tomorrow, mine seems to get cold extremely quickly even on the hottest days, so much so that the windscreen gets condensation on the outside from the vents directing it at the screen... maybe mine is the only system that works properly! Temperatures: Outside (Focus IC): 25 degrees Outside (K-type thermocouple): 24 degrees Center vent, set for face, coldest and fan speed 2: 3.7 degrees C within 1 minute, at 1200rpm. Once the RPM had dropped to normal idle the temperature crept back up to 6 degrees (still acceptable to me when outside is 25!). I didn't check the cabin cooling time, as normally just me in the car.
  4. I have had one non-fault claim recorded, but dealt directly with the third party insurer with regards to repair cost.
  5. Are you used to an Automatic? This is standard behaviour on a manual car, the engine is always running, and so if you have the clutch released you will always get transfer of power to the wheels (tickover in 2nd is about 10mph) - the car will attempt to not stall, so will fight you pressing the brake if you get too low without dipping the clutch.
  6. I pay £425, driving for 6 years, 6 years NCD. Ford Focus 2010 1.6 Zetec. I went with Hastings Direct.
  7. If you're renewing with the same company, I don't see an issue but you need to double check with them (I guess your new plan will start on the date your old plan ends, but you won't have your new car for a little of your plan).
  8. Define "loose"? I can put my car into gears with little effort and all feels fluid (and always has done).
  9. Have you checked the battery in the car? Some alarms will sound if the battery voltage drops below a certain point (and would explain the no start, no central locking issue).
  10. Aftermarket electro-magnetic sensors? These just have a taped antenna on the inside of the bumper. They don't particularly like my Focus as I mounted the antenna quite close to the crash bar so it picks that up (and squeals at me too).
  11. AIUI there's probably a few reasons for drums on the back, reduction in cost for handbrake mechanism being one of them. You have to remember that only a small proportion of your braking force will apply to the rear wheels as they lock up much more easily than the fronts. I've had my car since 39k and now on 66k, and driving styles from like Ms Daisy to driving like I stole it, and never suffered any brake fade so far. Brakes have never had to be changed and i've always been confident in stopping my Focus (unlike my Corsa!).
  12. I just stuck 5050 led tape down each side under the plastic edges, wired up to the light cable with (gasp) scotchlocks (gasp). Obviously the tape is visible if you look, however you won't see it in normal use. Exceptional light to find what I want, day or night.
  13. What do you mean across the starter? Ignition barrel fault? Relay?
  14. On my Focus it is located attached to the front bumper ? crash bar at the front. Removing the lower wind deflector gives great access from underneath, no idea if it'll be the same for the Fiesta.
  15. Mine doesn't do it either. Is it an option in the ECU (like the auto-aircon)? I wonder if they changed it at some point, or for a certain batch of ECU's (/BCM's whichever module sorts the climate out)