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  1. Looking at the schematic it is showing Gn-Bk for "Back" signal. It shows it being pin 2 on the connector to the light cluster. If you have a multimeter (if you don't, a cheap one off eBay is fine for Automotive work only) you can check by probing the back of the connector.
  2. To be fair, the only time I ever set mine off is in the same three places - 1) An up hill right hand bend that as you hit it at 50mph there is a dip 2) Another right hand bend with a large divot right on the bend 3) Once again a right hander with a series of divots. All make the loud clunk (like the self test) but no light flashing or continued activation. The brake pedal causes a "click" if you press and release for about 15-20secs after that. I have to praise my ZE914s though, they seriously stick to anything (even when it got cold)! I used to set my esp off all the time with the Prestivo rubbish I had on before.
  3. Hi jace, Are you transferring from IPhone to android or android to iPhone? You can import and export contacts to SIM card from the Contacts app on Android. from IPhone can you export all as a vcard and send that to your android phone via email? As for photos - go into settings > storage and it should show where they are. Photos don't take up any storage in Google drive under standard settings (unlimited storage).
  4. Not sure how it would cause uneven brake wear unless you're activating it all the time [emoji16] I try not to cos I can't stand the racket it makes!
  5. Once you have the sensor fitted, all it probably needs is to be enabled via Elmconfig.
  6. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 you are within the 30 days to reject the part and receive a full refund. Unfortunately, this Act does not (as far as I understand it) allow for you to reclaim labour caused by the faulty part - this is unfortunately the issue you get when you buy parts to be fitted by someone else (i.e. if you got the garage to purchase, and fit it, then you could hold them liable to fix it including the labour being covered). So you can get a replacement part under the act, or completely reject it and get a full refund, but as far as I understand the legislation they are not legally obliged to cover your labour costs under the Consumer Rights Act - but you might get them to sort it out at a Ford garage if you cause enough fuss.
  7. You will need to check your fuse boxes for water ingress or loose connectors. Check all your fuses are secure and in the correct spaces (check your manual and check you have fuses in the correct places). Does your engine stay running when your key is removed? I recall someone had a similar problem with ignition staying on when they put a relay in the wrong way round, causing their headlight permanent feed to be connected to ignition live.
  8. If it has not come with ESP as standard you may well need a steering angle sensor, the actual module, and if your car does not come with ABS, then you will need all of those gubbins too - with possibility of other sensors required aswell.
  9. It does, but I think it's just blended in. From taking mine off (one side at a time), the ARB tends to spring away if they're undone.
  10. Adventure for tomorrow! I just found the Ford workshop manual online actually (the one that I got for my suspension job and then lost access to as my Virtual Machine ran out of evaluation time) which gives a good idea of what to do. All the tinkering i'm doing with the car, i've even thought about doing the timing belt myself (no, bad Ted, put the tools down and step away! )
  11. Hey all! Smeary windscreen time of year again (not sure why, but happens a lot this time of year). Replaced wipers, and cleaned (new) windscreen with autoglym glass polish and rain-x applied. After application i put water on the screen and no smearing - washed the screen with the nozzles and smear heaven. Is the washer bottle on the mk2.5 easy to remove? I want to clean the bottle out (mixed halfords and cheap poundshop screenwash a couple of months ago which has set all of this off I think!) but also because I know that my old Corsa washer bottle was home to a healthy family of algae too.
  12. Mist jets on my Focus, make cleaning the windscreen much easier and quicker (and less screen wash used).
  13. £20 for one anti roll bar link is a bit steep to me (but I'm a cheapskate!) Unipart have them for £8ish each, delivery is about £5ish iirc. I changed mine as a matter of course when I did my suspension arm - I think the new ones are aluminium vs the steel of the original ones.
  14. If you dip the clutch you disconnect the clutch and gearbox from the engine. So if the whine continues after you have dipped the clutch then it sounds like it will be something from the engine side of it. If the whine stops, then it is probably something from the clutch / gearbox side.
  15. You will only get 10Gbps if you have hardware to support that speed. They will be better shielded however, but I would not lay out an expense to get Cat7 unless you have hardware that can achieve 10Gbps or you have a need to have super-screened cables (running them with AC mains wires for instance, which is always a bad idea anyway).