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  1. Same issue, just ordered the 20 for £20 so i've got 4 spare if I decide/need to remove the locking nuts. Tried to take my passenger front wheel off and a few of the covers just rotated/mangled and damaged the wheel brace that came with the car (plus I don't have an 18mm socket!). Annoyed was not the term!
  2. Hi all, Noticed a noise that i can only describe as a knocking/dry clunking from the front when going over pot holes. This slowly got louder and more noticable to the point that it sometimes sounds like the wheels are going to fall off when steering (both directions), going over pot holes and just general driving. Sometimes its ok but now its definitely getting on my nerves. I had a quick look at the suspension and axles, the boots all look intact and dry, no oil or anything on the struts, there is a noise on bouncing each corner of the car, but i wouldnt say its exactly the same as im hearing when driving. Everything seemed tight, springs intact. Any clues before i take it to the garage?
  3. The Sat Nav issue I have no idea - when you say you don't now where the cigarette lighter are you talking about the actual lighter bit? That was an option iirc. Mine doesn't have lighter, just a cap.
  4. It's in a sticky at the top of the Focus forum.
  5. I'm not 100% on where/if it'll be located, or if you even do have one. Does your vehicle horn work? You can try behind the wheel arch liners, and pillars. The wiring diagram shows two horns, battery backed is attached to the "Right Front Frame side member ground".
  6. Bad battery in the alarm sounder? My car uses the horn as the sounder, but a dedicated alarm should have a proper independent sounder so that it cannot be bypassed.
  7. The problem i think is finding cameras small enough which still produce HD... I did consider using usb webcams for the purpose (coupled with an RPI, or PC) but gave up on the idea due to the size of them.
  8. If the bulb was hot when it became submerged and there was a tiny hole, then water would have been sucked into it when it cooled.
  9. Bought a new Bosch S4 004 60Ah from ECP for £49 with discount code. Up til about 10am it was showing as £42 with discount code but the cheeky swines must have changed the price! Anyway, car is sorted now hopefully, and not too much of a dent in the wallet.
  10. Aah yeah, fuse descriptions are F107 - Instrument cluster battery supply, on-board diagnostics (10A fuse) F108 - Accessory to cluster (audio and navigation unit) (7.5A fuse) F112 - Audio modules battery supply Why didn't they just standardise the fuse boards? :P There are also fuses in the engine bay that supply different sections of the passenger fuse box, so you need to check all the fuses there too.
  11. Probably just makes it warm up quicker. I notice a massive difference between my cars performance in winter vs summer, and indeed in cooler temperatures (not when it's reaching 25 degrees!) the difference between when it's just started and when it's warmed up.
  12. My Focus doesn't have the bulb holders, haven't looked further to see if the wiring is there though.
  13. This post only applies if the wiring diagram is also correct for MK2 Focuses (like it says it is, although dated 2010). The ignition live is likely not coming from the control unit. If the wiring diagram is correct check that F107, F108 and F112 are all getting power, and that the fuses are intact. You may need to measure them with a meter to double check. Again, if the wiring diagram is correct, you should be getting battery voltage (permanent) on pin 32, ignition on pin 4, accessory on pin 15, and should have continuity to ground on pin 6. These wires come directly from the passenger fusebox, not the control module.
  14. The charger is at least 20 years old. As such things as a booster pack, I haven't needed one so haven't bought one! I have thought about it though as my car is getting on a bit. The lithium boost packs are quite affordable and will start the car a few times on one charge (and can be used for other things too). Battery will be going back in the car in the morning, and off to the auto electrician for a load test just to be sure (although I think i've already proved it's dying!).
  15. Thought that was normal once the battery had been disconnected also, takes a little while for it to learn the figures and adapt to your driving.