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  1. Hardest part for me was getting the bolts back in! Glad you sorted it! :)
  2. Hi Dee, I bought a separator (the one that you put on and do the bolt up to pop it out) for £4 off eBay. In the end i didn't use it as my helping hand (ex HGV mechanic) just whacked the collar the ball joint goes through with a hammer, and it popped out before i could try it.
  3. I don't save my contacts on my phone, they're synced with Google. Same with apps, your phone can sync the apps with Google so that it will reinstall them if you reinstall your phone (their data you will need to backup your self). As for backing up everything else except photos, you can select other folders for photo backup, and save stuff to drive that aren't photos. Your Google drive space is shared between Google apps so Gmail, Docs etc all count towards your 15gb or so. You're not using Dropbox are you? Google's space is free forever not just two years?
  4. You can get heat sealers on eBay that seal plastic bags - run off a couple of AA batteries. Can satisfy the issue of not wanting to get the key wet
  5. jace can you access them off another device than the one you uploaded them from? When you say MyDrive, I assume Google Drive? Photos do not count towards your storage space if you upload them in high quality - default ( google compresses them with some high quality compression) - if you upload them in original they do. If you select Google Photos from the left column you should have photos there.
  6. Looking up the number, fuel vapour vacuum solenoid.
  7. u1900 sounds like a canbus fault - normally caused by the connector either being loose / dirty on the back of the instrument cluster, or the actual connector having a bad solder joint/s to the circuit board. You may be able to verify this by getting the cluster out and moving the connector yourself to reproduce the issue. Check your brake fluid level just to be on the safe side.
  8. Mine was the same, some insurance companies having it down as a Zetec-S, some down as a 1.6 (but not 100ps), etc. It seems to have cleared up now though after 3 years (It worked correctly and gave you the right information if you used its Jersey plate).
  9. Glad to hear it - keep us updated! :)
  10. JW1982 - I was close then! As for why you would want to disable ESP: ESP works by detecting individual wheels speeds, rotation of the vehicle, and direction you are steering. If it detects you are spinning an individual wheel, not travelling in the direction of steer, etc, it will attempt to correct that by braking certain wheels and reducing engine power. On certain road surfaces, ice, snow and mud for example, you may not want the car to compensate for you, and therefore you turn it off to ensure you have full engine power to the driving wheels at all times. It turns itself back on automatically when you cycle the ignition. I took part in a skidpan course in a Focus mk2.5 with the ESP and ABS turned off at points, it was most enjoyable on the closed circuit!
  11. Ford UK in my book have been entirely unreasonable in my own issue with my tailgate trim rubbing, even to the point of not providing gratis the vinyl repair stickers (£6!). The individual Ford dealer I use are excellent however, and is a stark comparison to the actual Ford company CS. With regards to the service price issue - can you post a redacted copy of the email saying it will be £0, and any other documents saying that? I wonder if you have signed something to say you are agreeing to said price - mis-pricing or a mistake on the website may not help (although i've always paid my bill before being allowed the keys back, so not sure). The service book - if it's absolutely not anywhere else in the car (look in the boot, by the spare wheel, glove box, center console, etc) and you're sure you had one, it must be with the dealer. You could try emailing the previous dealer you bought it from to see if they have a full record of service history they can send you but it is a long shot. Maybe turning up in person at the dealer will provoke them into finding it? (Or if they have found it, are they keeping it until you pay the alleged bill?)
  12. Have you got your radio on? If you turn your radio off completely does it still do it?
  13. My normal postman used to leave no calling cards, leaving it up to my neighbour to leave me a note saying i have a parcel (having been waiting for it for about a week!). I tried the do not leave with neighbour sticker but was just ignored as was yours Stoney. I now normally get stuff delivered to my parents and pick it up regularly to avoid the hassle.
  14. Esp switch connector as far as I recall.
  15. There are already systems like this in use, in specialist areas (emergency vehicles - ever seen police camera action, where L, B and S flash at the bottom?), some built in arctic systems). At the very simplest, you could wire up a few leds to the indicators, brake, clutch, etc and have them just visible in frame (say at the bottom of the dashboard).