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  1. My first accident wasn't caught on dash cam as it wasn't functioning at the time - it's partially what has led me to look for the "ultimate" dash cam - small cameras, fixed (separate DVR/box), potentially writing to either a bank of sd cards or HDD/SSD that can be fitted and forgotten. Tank - try a Volvo? :P
  2. Cleaning off the old, sticky grease and replacing with new is never going to cause any harm. Dirt and dust likes to stick to grease.
  3. Hi Paige, The brake light coming on, if you apply and release your handbrake, does the light flicker or turn off? It may be a faulty handbrake switch, or it could be a fluid level switch if the fluid level is indeed ok.
  4. When you've been turning they key, if there has been resistance have you turned the wheel slightly, or have you ever forced the key anyway? Have you tried another key? To get the key barrel to turn to start the engine but for the steering lock to stay engaged, on a normal model sounds like the mechanism between ignition barrel and steering lock is broken.
  5. The majority of my ignition switched stuff is actually wired to the cigarette lighter (which switches on with a relay). For the other things I've earthed to one of the bolts on the fuse box bracket.
  6. Two plugs on the caravan, are these the 7 pin ones?
  7. Dashcam or did you get the reg? If so, i'd chase through insurance.
  8. Might be residue left by rain-x or similar. Some IPA or strong screenwash might do the trick. Toothpaste is lightly abrasive so may also do the job. 5L of concentrate screenwash (Carparts4less, £2.05 with a discount code) - states do not get neat on paintwork, contains IPA and Methanol. It works so well that it removes the rain-x from my windscreen if I squirt it on at more than about 50-75% concentration + smells lovely!
  9. Just to check, you've looked in the spare wheel well in and around the foam/spare wheel (if you have one) for it? I found mine hiding underneath the foam sort of wedged in.
  10. No, I checked with the wiring diagram, the connections were wrong. The bulb for reverse is a single centre pin with two pins on the case (it cannot be put in the wrong way round!)
  11. Local place to me is doing Falken ZE914s for £54 a tyre fitted, best tyres i've ever used, and when mine run out in a couple of months (having done approx 30k ish) they'll be replaced like for like. Had Prestivo rubbish on before, wheelspan everywhere. They wear quickly to begin with, then settle. Reviews are split into two for some reason, but the percentages speak for themselves. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Falken/ZE914.htm http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Falken/ZIEX-ZE914-EcoRun.htm
  12. I just cleaned my car, and now unless I park on the road, I have to park in a car park with shedloads of trees :(
  13. Where's the noise coming from? Any change of feel of the steering when the noise happens? Any feeling through the pedals? Does it make a change if you accelerate shortly after you've braked or been at a standstill?
  14. Mine have "skipped" after i've applied a rain-x like product, and i'm not going fast enough for it to blow the water off, wipe and juddddddddder. I seem to have more issues with mine smearing like crazy, even after cleaning with every product under the sun. Brand new windscreen, brand new wipers, first raining episode, wipe and smear -_-
  15. This is the problem - you can't judge how much fuel you've used unless you get your fuel to a known quantity (cut off on the fuel filling pump - estimate). Unless you brim the tank you can't work it out manually, and only have the computer to work it out for you - which should be fairly accurate as long as the fuel supply system is working correctly and in tolerance - i.e. your injectors are injecting the expected quantity of fuel.