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  1. Parking sensor issue on my 63 Fiesta

    Preferably with the car not running, only pos 2... don't want people accidentally run over ;-)
  2. Things I Don't Like

    My windows update hasn't functioned properly since Jan of this year. I should probably get around to reinstalling it...
  3. Very Poor on Fuel

    Does the focus using lots of fuel smell rich? I'd be wanting to look at fuel trims aswell, just to check they're not massively out of whack. Also check for physical fuel leaks from the tank, and fuel lines to the engine.
  4. Very Poor on Fuel

    I only get 34-37mpg, over a mix of rural, dual carriageways and urban journeys. Closer to 37mpg if i'm babying it, closer to 34mpg if i'm driving a bit more progressively Same 1.6 100ps engine mk2.5.
  5. Very Poor on Fuel

    Maybe some more tyre friction? (Long shot!) or a calculation error (i.e. manually calculate it from brimming the tank, then brimming the tank again and calculating MPG). You could try disconnecting the battery on both (make sure you have the radio code) for 30 mins ~ or so (less would probably suffice), to enable the ECUs to relearn all their values.
  6. Brake pedal play

    I think the ABS Service Bleed feature actually activates the ABS pump to bleed the fluid through. There are a few threads on this site related to it (Forscan ABS bleed)
  7. Things I Don't Like

    Not liking the quotes for my car so far... due a major service this year, plus mot, plus timing belt. Current quotes add up at anything from £519 (motorcraft service, motorcraft timing belt, and mot) to £704... I think a little overtime might be due to pay for it all! (Or just get the guts to do the belt myself... and the service... )
  8. Problems with power to the radio

    The other radio didn't turn on? Then you need to check you have 12V on BOTH red and yellow wires with ignition on - if not, then you have a blown fuse or wiring problem somewhere. Edit: You also need to check there is not a spot for a fuse on the back of the radio itself - some radios used to have a fuse on the unit itself, normally near where the loom plugs in.
  9. Sound from one speaker only - Aftermarket HU

    All these units can be grouped into varying different hardware revisions - Eonon, Xtrons, Joying, etc, all use similar hardware but just have slightly different software on them. There is a massive discussion forum over at for them (search MTCB,MTCD, and quad/octo-core radios).
  10. Don't be put off by low prices however. I bought my Falken 914s after a lot of research (205/55/R16 91V) for £44 each, and then all 4 fitted for £20 at my local tyre shop. They perform amazing, if not a little high tyre wear. They may have only done 30k, fronts are now down to 2.2-2.5mm and the rears at 3mm (swapped fronts to rear sometime last year). I will swap for my winters (to actually use them) as soon as it starts to get cold, and before the fronts become illegal/dangerous especially in the wet, and then in the new year I will buy at least a new pair of tyres if not all 4 (Falken 914s again if they're a good price).
  11. Dashcams, again!

    Mine was running during its two previous service/mots. It's a discreet unit where the actual recording box is away from the cameras, and makes no sound. I did have a quick glance at what went on (curiosity more than anything) - all I saw was people dedicated to their job, and attention to detail. There were a number of other cars in the car park with dash cams fitted (and I think the garage fits them also). If the garage asked for them to be turned off/disabled, I would happily do so - however in the same vein I would not expect to find that they had been tampered with or forcibly disabled without my input.
  12. Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    A little on topic, useful with the engine picture. Where would you support the engine from underneath whilst replacing the right engine mount? The haynes manual just refers to using a jack with a block of wood but does not specify where is safe to do this. I also notice there is a position for an engine crane? on the top left which I can probably borrow for 10 minutes whilst at work if it would be more suitable to support the engine (and the advantage of not having to remove the engine undershield!).
  13. Power Remains On After Ignition Turned Off?

    The process of re-doing my electrics means I'm going to be investigating the use of a voltage-sensitive relay board (eBay) and powering my dashcam constantly. It's kind of limited to my model as it has two usb sockets which will accept power - one will only charge the battery/keep the unit powered, and the other actually causes it to switch on with the ignition. The camera operates in motion detect mode when the ignition is off til it's internal battery is drained - unless externally powered. Unfortunately the voltage sensitive relay board appears to be the wrong way around - it turns the relay ON (disconnecting the load) when the voltage drops. I want it to work the opposite way - turn relay ON when voltage above level. A simple wire bodge should sort that though (basically flip the inputs to the comparator). What I hope to do is install a small 6 way fuse box under the pjb, and then wire all my accessories to this, along with a grounding bolt - at the present my pjb cannot be removed due to wiring trailing everywhere and it's tweaking my OCD a little It will also mean that I can remove individual fuses for accessories at will to help with diagnosis/isolating things. It will also remove the relay from the bottom end of my cigarette socket which was only meant to be a stopgap but has been in place for over 3 years
  14. Speedo

    I've never heard of that method - I was taught that you drive at a speed that you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear, and on your side of the road. I was always under the impression that you want to provide some accelerator input going round a bend aswell to offset the tendancy for your car to slow - and to keep all the tyre grip and forces mumbojumbo in check
  15. Things I Don't Like

    As I understand what the chap was saying (an airconditioning engineer) - when the timing belt is done, some may need to use a puller on the pulley at the bottom of the engine - but to access this the engine may need to be dropped a little to gain access, which then puts tension onto the AC pipe at the rearmost of the engine, and damages the internal steel braid. A few cases of these pipes going bang once regassed, sometimes a little while after, and at nearly £300 a bit costly! This guy: