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  1. Yes James..... you can contact me on
  2. For anyone still suffering from this problem..... I have an unused Volvo cover for sell, will accept £20 and free P&P - 1x Volvo engine cover (part number 30650468); for a Volvo V50 1.6l from 2005-2006. - 4x Mounting screws (part number 986019) Call 01778441124 if interested
  3. Surprised nobody has mentioned water leaking into spark plugs on the 1.6 & 1.4 petrol engines ! judging by other threads on here it appears to be very common, I've just had this issue on my own 55 plate Zetec :-(
  4. Good solution ! I've just ordered a spark plug Cover from my local Volvo dealer & I've also purchased the revised washers with seals, part numbers are correct for the Cover and total cost comes to £21 which is much cheaper than the risk of rusty plugs breaking in the cylinder head, on that note I only discovered I had this problem when I went to change my Spark Plugs a couple of days ago, I managed to remove and change 3 out of the 4, I actually broke a 3/8 drive extension bar on the 4th plug ! luckily the plug isn't damaged and engine still runs fine so I've cleaned all around the plug and will soak it in penetrating fluid and re clean around it again and keep repeating process until it free's off ! fingers crossed !!!! last resort will be a trip to Ford Garage.
  5. I've put some Photos of the Focus in the Gallery, I couldn't see how to add them here ? Cheers MICKT
  6. Hi Everybody , My life with my Fords goes like this :- MK1 1.1 Escort 3Dr(converted to 1.6), MK3 Cortina 1600 XL 5Dr, MK1 2.0 Consul Granada 4Dr, Mk4 1.6L Cortina 4Dr, Mk5 1.6 GL Cortina 4Dr, Mk1 1.6 GL Sierra 5Dr, Mk3 Escort XR3i, Mk2 1.1 Fiesta Ghia 3Dr, Mk3 1.6 Escort GL 5Dr, Mk6 1.4 Escort L 5Dr, Mk6 1.8 Escort GTi 5Dr, Mk2 2.0 Mondeo Est GLX & now the latest and best is a 55 Plate Focus Zetec 1.6 Auto Climate in Tango Red ............ Hate to admit I've had quite a few other cars aswell but I keep coming back to the Blue Badge !