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  1. Hello Im new to this site, and bought my first Focus 6 months ago. its a 2006 1.6 TDCi LX and my knowledge of car maintenence is limited to oil/washer level checks and wheel changes! Im just looking for some advice on keeping it in tip top condition as I have quite a high mileage on mostly A roads due to my commute, roughly 20K a year. Ive just put it through its 2nd service (but first with me) and its had fuel, air and oil filters changed, rear breaks cleaned and adjusted. What can I do to avoid breakdowns and keep it running smooth, dont mind going above and beyond what the recommended services stipulate, and my main concern is breaking down, my commute is on the Woodhead Pass in Greater Manchester, not a place a lone female would like to break down! Im asking this as I previously had a 1.6 petrol Fusion, 3.5 years old, fully serviced with Ford, and it let me down on numerous occasions which is the main reason i got rid (aswell as fuel costs) Thanks in advance H