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  1. ECU Problem?

    Ah, nice one, cheers for that. ECU seems to be a last resort. They're quoting £250, which is probably about right, but also not far off the price of the car. I'll see if they can replace the tdc sensor first, as that looks like a cheap option compared to everything else, then see how it goes. Ta.
  2. ECU Problem?

    Hi, Cheers for that. Apparently one of the two coils in the pack isn't firing. Coild pack has been replaced, and same problem, so the coil isn't getting a signal.....hence, the ECU. They said that the ECU is "keyed", so it will either need repairing or a new one. Have to see what the quotes are like.....
  3. ECU Problem?

    Hi, Girlfriends Fiesta (year/model to follow) lost power on the motorway at the weekend. The engine is running really badly and feels like it's firing on 2 cylinders tops. It's not been well looked after, so I assumed general service stuff would fix it. Garage has done the sparks, oil filter, air filter and are now thinking that it's the ECU (£50 to test). The car is probably only worth a couple of hundred quid, so not wanting to spend too much. I thought ECU was a last resort. At a guess I was going to suggest: HT Leads Dizzy Cap Rotary arm Fuel Filter Before even looking at the ECU. Any other ideas? Also, can you get a scrap ECU mapped to a car, or do you have to buy a new one? Cheers for any help.