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  1. Ye will of course update. Thanks for your advise!
  2. Well I certainly hope they dont pull me in now as I decided to risk it for a biscuit and have the DPF removed on Saturday! I spoke to the guy at Avon Tuning and asked his opinion on VOSA's regulations, his response was similar to my first thoughts that it was impossible to enforce and 99.9% of the time they were unaware of the regulations themselves or would turn a blind eye as people have been modifying their cars in one way or another since their very invention. His opinion was that as long as you have an MOT, Tax, insurance and a road worthy car I have nothing to worry about. As for Vosa noticing that the DPF had been removed with a quick roadside check I doubt it very much, the guy showed me where he had cut the DPF and then welded the thing back up and I must say I was very impressed, he explained that he uses a 'Tig' (not sure if thats right maybe Tib. lol) welder as the weld mark is very neat and clean unlike other methods. He was under the impression that cutting, gutting and welding neatley was a much better solution and more disctreet than the shiny polished aftermarket pipes some people fit. Anyway the car feels great now and not sure if its just me but it seems quicker too which is a bonus even if its in my imagination! ;) and best of all no stupid warning lights! Well Ill keep everyone updated as I have an MOT in 3 months. If anyone else is in the Bristol location I would def recommend them. Cheers
  3. Hi Jeeb, Thanks for the link made a very interesting read! However I do not know how VOSA can state that modifying a vehicle so that it does not reach the emission figures set when new is illeagel. Surely they cant enforce this, think about all those boy racers who put induction kits and exhausts on their cars and all the very very big companies such as deemon tweeks etc. who fit these aftermarket modifcations. It has made me think twice but my focus has been back to the dealer 3 times with DPF issues and Im sick of it now just want to rip the dam thing out! Any one else on here actually bit the bullet and had the DPF removed? Cheers guys
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if any one had removed the dpf from a focus 1.6 tdci? If so I was wondering if there were any negatives? I was thinking of removing it myself and getting a remap company to reprogram the ECU for me. I spoke to this company today avon tuning and the guy was really helpful, he said there would be no draw backs and if anything the car would feel more responsive and would still pass an MOT. Any info or feedback would be great? Thanks :)