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  1. Happy Birthday rokos!

  2. Hi civill, is there possible to code injectors?
  3. When i opened mine had 3 extra sockets near the 12V socket. I Think is for CD Changer or GPS... Any idea what are they?
  4. nothing. I have Ford Microcat 9/11(prices in EURO). Very usefull software for Ford owners.
  5. its complete socket
  6. The right finis code is 1333905 and the price is about 6 pounds, friendly..
  7. Μια μυγα παει και κάθεται σε εναν σκύλο.Τι είσαι εσύ, λέει η μύγα. Λυκόσκυλο απαντά ο σκύλος.Πώς γί...

  8. Hi everybody. Any further developement for this software? I wonder if may coding injectors is possible?
  9. Σας ευχαριστω ολους απο τα βαθυ της καρδιας μου....Και σας ανταποδιδω ευχες για εσωτερικη γαληνη α...

  10. I am not sure, maybe civill can find what type of chip is supported by the software, or He is able to modify software to recognise ELM327, You have to be a computer programmer to do those thinks... Get a ride, is Saturday night, HAVE FUN all of you. Goodnight from Greece.
  11. Paul is a scanning software but the real time view has many parameters as quantity of each injector, preinjection and finally it can code injectors and i think keys. That is all i know. I try to connect with ELM327 but did not recognised it. The inf. file writes ; Windows USB CDC Driver Setup File ; [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" Class=Ports ClassGuid={4D36E978-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} Provider=%ELMUSBN% LayoutFile=layout.inf DriverVer=03/26/2007,6.0.2600.7 [Manufacturer] %MFGNAME%=VirComDevice,NT,NTamd64 [DestinationDirs] DefaultDestDir = 12 [VirComDevice.NT] %DESCRIPTION%=DriverInstall,USB\VID_04D8&PID_0F3E [VirComDevice.NTamd64] %DESCRIPTION%=DriverInstall,USB\VID_04D8&PID_0F3E [DriverInstall.NT] Include=mdmcpq.inf CopyFiles=FakeModemCopyFileSection AddReg=DriverInstall.NT.AddReg [DriverInstall.NT.AddReg] HKR,,DevLoader,,*ntkern HKR,,NTMPDriver,,usbser.sys HKR,,EnumPropPages32,,"MsPorts.dll,SerialPortPropPageProvider" [DriverInstall.NT.Services] AddService=usbser, 0x00000002, DriverServiceInst [DriverServiceInst] DisplayName=%SERVICE% ServiceType=1 StartType=3 ErrorControl=1 ServiceBinary=%12%\usbser.sys [strings] ELMUSBN = "ELM-USB Interface" MFGNAME = " Ltd." DESCRIPTION = "ELM-USB Interface" SERVICE = "ELM-USB CDC Driver"
  12. another great software, that support ELM chip (not this version) http://www.chinaauto...wnload-263.html Can anyone know what ftdi chip supports?
  13. Do you know anything about this software? What interface suports?