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  1. Fiesta Glow Plugs Removal...??

    Thanks for that. I will have a look at them over the weekend if the weather improves
  2. Fiesta Glow Plugs Removal...??

    Thanks for the information and I'll bear that in mind. I will say I have no problem starting when the weather is warmer, even just a little! I still need to know more about glow plug removal first before looking elsewhere
  3. Just a quick question I have been having starting problems with my 2008 Mk6 Fiesta 1.4 TDCI. When cold the glow plug warning light rarely illuminates (seems to be quite a common issue) but then it takes many, many turns of the engine before it finally starts. I have done the dashboard self-test and all warning lights are working as they should, removed the glow plug relay, checked it and that is fine, so I suspect that one or more of the glow plugs could be the issue? I know access to allow checking of these can be made by removing the air cleaner, but what I really want to know are these removable without removing the inlet manifold? I have searched on-line but cannot really find any answers to this, and the Haynes Manual I have only give basic details on how to access them. I does however mention that the inlet manifold should be removed to gain better access. Before I investigate further can anyone advise?
  4. Just an update on my previous posts. I still have not managed to remove the door cards to inspect the ongoing issue.Have to keep slamming the doors shut so that the doors will lock. They no longer lock just using the key! Have now noticed the 'doors open light' now comes on when switching on the windscreen wipers. What this all about?? I'm getting really annoyed with what should be a relatively straight forward repair. Any further advice would be good !!!
  5. Air Conditioning Not Working - Help Please......??

    Firstly, for your information the A/C lower port is situated at the right hand side of the O/S headlamp (looking from front of vehicle) within the front grill assembly. No need to remove anything has access to this is unrestricted. Secondly, I know the history of the vehicle has I have owned it since 2008 with just 89 miles on the clock. I purchased this through a specialist dealer who re-imports vehicles from Jersey and Guernsey, so no VAT etc... This came from Guernsey. Halford's have checked out the A/C and, as suspected, no gas pressure in the system. Their prices are, in my opinion, too prohibitive so have found Formula 1 Autocentres are doing a deal at the moment for £39. They take a temperature reading from the A/C system, remove all the old refrigerant gas, oil and dye and then clean the whole system then remove any moisture from within. Once the system has been thoroughly cleansed, will inject new oil, dye and refrigerant gas and take a temperature reading again to ensure that the Re-Gas has made a difference to the cold air temperature. They are also doing a FREE 10 point spring check when booking online, worth considering, so intend to arrange this in the very near future.
  6. Air Conditioning Not Working - Help Please......??

    Appreciate your comments, but if you follow the instructions carefully, shake the can and release the trigger regularly, you should not over pressurise the system? It really is very easy to do if there are no other issues. Halfords should detect any faults, if there are any??
  7. Air Conditioning Not Working - Help Please......??

    As you will note from my previous post I am taking it to Halford's tomorrow for a free check. If all is well I will re-gas this myself though as it's really straightforward to do. I only use the A/C during the hot spring/summer months as it increases fuel consumption significantly. No need to waste money unnecessarily.
  8. Air Conditioning Not Working - Help Please......??

    Thanks for your replies Will have a look under the o/s headlamp for the lower port first. The vehicle has only done just over 45,000 so I don't think the condenser, although I could be wrong? I did check the Halford's website earlier, but didn't notice a free air con check. Their prices are also quite prohibitive in comparison to other garages. Halford's certainly do a FREE air con check. Booked it in on-line for tomorrow and will see what transpires? I'll always take an offer if it's FREE !! Yipee...... Cheers all !!
  9. Air Conditioning Not Working - Help Please......??

    I understand, but I'm reliably informed that the gas permeates into the air on average around 10 -15% per year naturally. I have had the vehicle for some 7 years, and have never had it checked, so I'm assuming the gas has now completely vapourised over this period? I still need to find the location of the lower port of the air conditioning system.
  10. Air Conditioning Not Working - Help Please......??

    As a first step I was thinking of re-gassing the system myself? It seams relatively straightforward, that's if I could find the location of the air conditioning lower port ??
  11. I own a 2008 Ford Fiesta MK6 1.4TDCI and the air conditioning no longer appears to be working. All switches/controls within the vehicle appear to be operating as they should, but the sound normally associated with operation of this from within the engine compartment can no longer be heard. I have checked fuses and drive belts and all seam to be in good order, and I cannot find any obvious leakage of refridgerant. The Haynes manual doesn't really help in this instance so any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. Just an update. I still cannot remove the door card to access the central locking unit. This is proving to be very difficult! Although I cannot lock the doors using the remote control unit, thy WILL LOCK manually using the key. The good 'old fashioned' way! I have now wired into the system an immobiliser/alarm I had on the shelf in the garage, and guess what, IT WORKS! So why doesn't the proper Ford remote control unit work? Have replaced battery just as a matter of course - but still no joy. It obviously cannot be a problem with the O/S door locking mechanism as the other unit I have installed would also not work - would it???? Baffled.................................
  13. Vin Number Problem...?

    Brilliant. It works!!!!!! Thanks
  14. Vin Number Problem...?

    I need a new clutch for my Fiesta 1.4TDCi and also some spray paint. When I enter my VIN number it continually comes up 'invalid' I have checked, and re-checked the details on the plate and nearside windscreen, but no joy Any ideas??
  15. Fiesta Mk 6.5 (Or Is It A Mk5) ???

    That's what I think but, of course, this doesn't really help. Even our local Ford garage uses the same details. According to their computer programme, which I also managed to take a look at today, shows the MK6 & MK6.5 from 2002 to 2008 (as I know them) - MK 5, and the latest model from 2008 onwards - MK6. Why make things so difficult?