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  1. Squeaking Brakes

    i have the same problem took it back to the dealers and was told it was a design problem with the brake pads but would not be a safety issue.but i could change them if i wanted to at a only happens at 20mph or below.
  2. Fiesta Mk7 'spare Wheel' Size

    i have a zetec and wanted the 16" wheels but was told i couldn't have them for that car so went for the 4 spoke 15" wheels instead and spare wheel.
  3. Paint Correction

    I have a 59 reg zetec in metalic black and it is covered in light scratches and swirls marks,i've found a company in horndean called Hampshire Vehicle Detailers and after a brief email exchange has been quoted £250 to make the paint as good as new.I was wondering if anyone here had either used or knows someone who has used them before.cheers.
  4. Seat Retrim....i Can Has!!!

    great job can't wait to see the finished artical.
  5. Front Wheels Squeaking

    i have a zetec on 59 plate and my front drivers wheel has started sqeaking but stops when i brake.
  6. i have a zetec and to connect my ipod touch i use a 3.5mm jack to jack cable wich i bought on ebay for £2.52 including p&p and plug into the aux connection next to the 12v a treat.
  7. i have a zetec on 59 plate waited 17 weeks for it to be delivered,love the car but have had problems. 1.drivers wing mirror assembly came loose. 2.roof headliner had mould stains around center light console and grab handles replaced with new one. light console started coming on by itself after new roof headliner fitted replaced. 4.submarine lights from center console come on when they feel like it and aren't as bright as they were before.(orange slits) ford didn't know what i was talking about so gave up. 5.drivers seat developed a worn patch ford say it was my fault because i must have had my wallet in my back pocket,replaced after refusing to accept that explanation. 6.remote key fob stopped working. have a sqeaking sound coming from the front drivers wheel. other than that i love the car and the way it drives,don't regret buying it at all.