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  1. Fiesta Ecoboost 1L Engine Problem?

    You can buy one on eBay and it will fit in place, albeit very very snug. I had to remove the airbox cover to allow some wriggle room and even then it's mostly relying on the air hoses and oil plug to keep it down.
  2. Fiesta ZS Thefts

    If you were doing it at night you'd have less chance of being spotted I guess, take it anywhere and do an overnight strip of key components? When you see the price of individual parts they massively exceed the price of a complete car and most parts don't have I'd tags/numbers
  3. Fiesta Diesel

    Typically how often does a diesel have to do a dpf regeneration and what is required for it?
  4. Fiesta Diesel

    About 10k and 15/20 miles
  5. Fiesta Diesel

    Hi, after some advice on whether a fiesta diesel is any good. My wife has a Mazda 2 diesel which we need to get rid of and are looking at a fiesta as a replacement, something from 2015-2016. We get around 65mpg from it currently on a mix of distances. I've got an ecoboost fiesta so know the car well, just know nothing about the diesel engines. So my questions are: Are the diesels any good? What known issues are there? Is it worth getting a diesel or should we go for petrol?
  6. Nah brand new I was still reading a sensible figure, I agree give it a few more miles but it doesn't sound right unless the foot is almost through the firewall all the time
  7. Sounds like a dodgy reading, 28.8mpg sounds like it would be hard to achieve. Even new the worst I was averaging was 43mpg
  8. Returning to Standard

    No no, sell the standard parts and keep the good mods on. Was just seeing if I would need them again in the future for any sale The car is a st-line, I've swapped the honeycomb lower sections for glossed black standard ones as I think they look better and the aeroblade was removed when adding a splitter
  9. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    The 140 definitely accelerates harder in 3rd than in 2nd, 1st gear feels like there's no boost at all
  10. Returning to Standard

    Yep, off the bottom of a z-s/st-line, had a splitter fitted so have no need for it, was taken off at around 1500 miles old
  11. Returning to Standard

    Ok so in that case who wants honeycomb lower grille and foggy surrounds and an airblade?
  12. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    I'd love to map mine but the risk of exploding a gearbox is too high, it's not a cheap thing to replace
  13. Returning to Standard

    I get that But if I wanted to trade in part/ex at a dealership in the future would they want it to be as it was from the factory or would they not care it's got different grilles/finishes?
  14. Fiesta 125 vs 140

    I've read somewhere on here that the 5 speed box is rated at around 220nm, because of that there is a torque limiter on 1st and 2nd gears in the 140 which over posts to 210nm. Just be sure not to cane it all the time otherwise you could pop the gearbox. Maybea good tuner could apply some sort of lessened torque limiter while upper power in higher gears?
  15. Returning to Standard

    I've got a fiesta on a 3 year deal and will be paying off the lump sum at the end to keep it. I've done some minor visual mods such as a splitter and changed the grille and fog light plastics. When selling the car in the distant future (5/6 years from now), would I need to restore it to its original state or am I free to sell my stock parts with no repurcissions?