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  1. auto wipers

    i have just bought an 07 fiesta zetec climate, anyone know how the auto wipers work i have turned them on and put them on sensitive, but when it starts raining nothing, now i know im being lazy,but im just trying to sus it out, do you have to reset them everytime you start the engine?? regards tommy
  2. 2003 fiesta tdci

    thanks for the replies i went to see a little garage and he said to buy a temperature switch from the dealer and that should sort it, does that sound right?? i never even noticed that the fan was staying on, i almost had to cancell a driving test on monday when it first started staying on because the examiners wont take the car out on test if there is any warning lights on, thanks tommy
  3. 2003 fiesta tdci

    hi everyone hope someone can help, my fiesta temperature gauge is now stuck permanently on red light, and the actual gauge is constantly flashing, i know its not overheating so think its the sensor needs replacing, although im not even sure how you would go about that or if it can just be disconnected, hope someone can advise me as to what i can do now, already been ripped off by main dealer so dont want to go there unless i really have to. thanks tommy