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  1. Tyre Dressing

    I will do , i am a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning so I will defo do a better job. Is it the same stuff that comes in the kit they give you? Yeah autoglym tyre dressing is a pain. I will get some Megs, thanks for the fast reply. Nice motor by the way
  2. Tyre Dressing

    Hi, New to the forum, I have just bought a new S max titanium x ecoboost powershift, in silver, cant wait to pick it up next week. I have just been reading about diamond bright, and am wishing i didnt say yes. I havent paid for it which is a bonus. Can you recommend a decent tyre dressing , i have always used autoglym products but I find the dressing gets all over the wheels and sideskirts of previous cars. Is there anything i can use that will stay on the tyre? Thanks I will post some pics once i get it