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  1. which oil?

    Cheers for the reply, I found it in the end it is under the cover but right at the front near the rad, yeah 6 ltrs is right but i only bought 5 so back to the shop for me.
  2. which oil?

    Cheers I bought it today with the oil filter, but I cant find where the oil filter goes I dont suppose you could tell me where it is could you?
  3. which oil?

    HI I am about to change the oil in my mondeo 02 2.0tdci and was wanting to know which oil to use, I have looked in the owners book but cant find it. p.s will any of these do it? link
  4. Mondeo tdci 130 intercooler pipe?

    Hi Cheers for the reply, but yes its a different engine than mine.
  5. Hi could someone tell me where to find the intercooler pipe, I cant find it any pictures would be great. p.s its a 02 plate 130 tdci cheers
  6. servicing

    Cheers for the help I will get it done soon
  7. servicing

    Cheers for the quick reply, so would I not need to do the cam belt or anything big like that.
  8. servicing

    Hi I am hoping someone can help me out, I have a mondeo 02 plate 2.0ltdci that as done 60.000 miles and is due a service, I am thinking of doing it myself but before I go down that road was wondering how big of a job it is, what parts are needed etc. Cheers Neil