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  1. Fiesta Mk4 Fuel Problem?

    it could be one of the spark plugs... or indeed the fuel filter, both cheap and easy to replace :-)
  2. Hi to you all I'm new to car mechanics, but since I'm driving a 13 year old "ford fiesta mk4 '98 petrol 1.25 Zetec" I will have to learn it sooner of later. The car was 4 years when I bought it, and I've recently started to maintain it myself. I replaced fuel-filter (petrol), spark plugs, air filter, interieur filter, oil filter, oil change (3,75 litr) This week I will puchase Haynes Service and Repair Manuals 95-01 to gain more knowledge. I'm intending to replace the rear brakes, since I've got a minor leakage around the "brake pipe" near the wheel. That's all I can tell till now. Cheers, Stefan