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  1. Hi - Just joined the Club. I've just bought a 1999 Fiesta 1.25 zetec. Car is badged 'Stormont Ford'. Guess it's a Special Edition / face lift change, as it has A/C, Ford alloys and small spoiler. I need the basic service data due to not having a Handbook / Manual yet. INFO REQUIRED: Engine oil spec & oil change capacity - Gearbox oil spec & capacity - Valve clearances, or if they are self adjusting? - Cam belt mileage change & diffilculty of work involved - Wheel alignment ( front wheel toe in / toe out ) - Tyre pressures ( 185/60 x R14 on Ford Alloys ) - Any other useful info / tips welcome - I'm an 'Old Skool' Ford mechanic. First vehicle was a 100E van without heater!. Then a Thames Van that I fitted with a Mk11 Zodiac engine, to go bike racing. Must admit anything with wires / sensors / multiple breathers under the bonnet and I start to loose interest! - Thanks