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  1. Myself and my friend both got the Boomerang Armrest for our Fiesta's, £99 each including delivery from Amazon to Dublin. I'm delighted with my purchase, it is at just the right height, and it is nice and sturdy, not a flimsy job. Transforms the seat into an armchair! Easy install with good pictured instructions. Highly recommended.
  2. Thanks Harweyko, I'll check if there are wires in the fuse box,and take it from there.
  3. Just got my new Mk7 Fiesta, very happy with it. :) I've been reading the owners manual, and I see that there is a space in the fuse box for a Daytime Running Lights Fuse and a Relay. Anybody know if I buy the relay and stick a fuse in, will I have DRL's, or is that just wishful thinking? Thanks!
  4. Hi, When you inserted the radio keys, did you insert them with the notch facing into the radio?