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  1. Zetec S Skirt Cap - Missing Help

    after replacing them once all ready - I can out to the car this morning to find them missing again! Has any onehad any look with ford selling these yet? Also a couple of questions - If I remove the skirts - what am I left with? Has any one used these skirts -
  2. Zetec S Skirt Cap - Missing Help

    anyone been able to do anything about Missing Caps? I really don't want to go in to the Winter with a missing CAP - But the cheapest I have found is £120! for the full Kit.
  3. Zetec S Skirt Cap - Missing Help

    This is where the Cap is missing. the RH side CAP looks like
  4. Hi All, I seem to have lost the Cap / cover from the passager side skirt from my Zetec S, does any one who where I can get a replacment or the part number if I have to get it from the dealers?
  5. Dlockers Mk7 1.6 Zetec S Oem+ Project Thread

    what mount are you using for your TomTom?
  6. Hi All I have a New Fiesta Zetec S TDCI in white - I am looking to get the back windows Tinted - can anyone recommend an installer in Yorkshire?
  7. Blubs - Mk 7

    Hi Everyone - I have a new MK7 White Zetec s TDCI and I would like to replace / upgrade the lights. Please could somebody advise that I have the correct bulbs Full Beam H1 Dipped Beam H7 Side Lights W5W Front Indicators PY21W and where is the best place to buy the Philips replacements? Thanks