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  1. KA Duratec bad idle and stalling

    also, the battery light comes on now and then (mainly a flash rather then prolonged through a whole journey)...i know that it is the multiplug on the alternator...this could maybe casue it, not supplying anough voltage to the spatk unit? Thanks, Andy
  2. Hi there, new to this forum. i have a 52 (2003) reg for KA, 1.3 Duratec engineg done a lot of searching around the internet and the forum and cant seem to get an answer was driving upto a roundabout the other night and the car just cut out (i.e. stalled)...then took 6 or 7 times to get started...the engine was cranking over got started... now the idle has been very lumpy for quite some time on the car, im having to apply a lot more throttle to get it going from start, and recently it has started to feel lacking in power in comparison to usual. i have narrowed it down to a few things, but the main ones are coolant temperature sensor and the idle control valve. i have read a lot and seen the procedure from removing the ICV from the Endura 1.3, however mine i a duratec 1.3 engine...and there doesnt seem to be much reference to this model...is it also a problem on this? looking at the car, it looks asif the ICV is attached to the throttle body (which is at the front of the engine on this car)...am i correct? looks like a ball ache to get a spanner or small socket in there? questions in brief: does the ICV still cause problems on the Duratec 1.3? Is the ICV at the front, almost attached to the Throttle Body? Could it be the Coolant temp sensor? any other causes (lambda, MAF etc?) that are common any answers to any of the questions would be a massive help Many thanks, Andy