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  1. Happy Birthday jack!

  2. My 2nd service, i was told i needed 2 front tyres soon (12,000 miles). 3 months later I get 2 tyres fitted & was told tracking was out as tyres was worn on the inner. Why wasn't I told this when I had the service & why didn't ford sort the tracking at service?
  3. \
  4. I nearly headbutted the window when they sorted it, I'm used to it now though. Before I had to pump the pedal as if it had a air lock. Fingers crossed it will be OK, as it's now out of service.
  5. I have had brake problems since the 2nd service. When I took it back for the 3rd service, I was told that several fiesta's where in for "spongy" brakes, seems to be OK for the time being.
  6. one of my rear drum made a grinding noise, i took it back but didn't find anything wrong. No changes to the car from factory made. I thought they would take the wheels off when it got serviced?
  7. After my second service in july, i had problems with the brakes due to a brake fluid change, had to take to back twice & i'm still not totally happy with them . Today I took it to an independent tyre fitters for two front tyres, ordered from blackcicle. One buckeled front wheel(I can't blame Ford for that)& also find the tracking out by 4mm. Both front tyres worn nearly bald on inside of the tyre. I want to know is why ford didn't tell me about the buckled wheel and tracking being out after the service in July, surely they had the wheels off? What un-important things are they going to charge me for after the 3rd service & what important things are they going to miss?
  8. Girlfriend went to pick car up and was told they need to change the brake cylinders. can I pick it up tomorrow, what are they and why?
  9. My second service in july, I was told a brake fluid change was now part of the service. I have taken it back twice now, first time a nipple on the rear wheel was loose & loosing fluid, and yesterday i took it back with spongy brakes and was told i needed 2 more nipples (oh er).
  10. I've had lot of Ford's and they've all crunched in reverse gear. you get used to it.
  11. I would like to replace the Ford Plates for the one's with "s". Can I pull the original ford plates off without bending them? will they leave any mess behind? Thanks.
  12. I like the white Fiesta but having said that the Dodge "fiesta" Viper does look good though in blue.
  13. I quite like the side stripes but my girlfriend has just reminded me that i'm 46!! So that's, that.
  14. Also I think it should have a 1-9 keypad if it's got bluetooth and the large display head unit.
  15. I asked at the local Ford dealers for a trade-in price (White Zetecs S similar spec to yours 09 plate 11,000 miles) was offered £8,500. Probably better to sell privately but that all takes time and money. You could try Auto trader? I did once before for 2 weeks, only got one call, then again they did buy the car.