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  1. I'd like to know this too as the car I'm picking up soon has the same stereo in it. I have been told all have bluetooth, it's in the glove box. You just need Ford to activate it or something.
  2. Has the car got a induction kit? I had one on my old Focus and it put the emissions through the roof! Also, is the catalyst still in working order? If that's damaged then you will have emission problems. Other problems could be the car running too rich as well.
  3. Now, is the Ipad just like a big Iphone and is just as fail as the Iphone 3G or a lot lot better?
  4. Crazy price tag on that motor..
  5. 27, I'm not liking the look of 30..
  6. I had a problem sort of like this on my old Focus. When using the central locking the passenger door would lock and unlock itself. Would be fine locking manually. It turned out to be the central locking motor. Does yours unlock manually from that door? I suspect the motor maybe be jammed.
  7. I've been playing Prototype and Enslaved lately on the 360. Finished Enslaved but Prototype I've got stuck on and kind of left it. Seriously looking forward to the new Mortal Kombat game and Gears of War 3.
  8. App I like the best is a game called Iassociate 2 which is pretty fun. Other than that I think the Iphone is pretty fail compared to what else is out on the market. My next phone will be either Android or Windows based.
  9. I had this problem before on my Focus ST170 and it was the wheel balance, could be that. If not check the tracking too. Wheel balance issue was only at high speeds though about 70 ish.
  10. I know it is some special diesel filter but what does it do? I'm getting a 57 plate 2.0 TDCI soon would it have one? Also would removing it increase power and have any negative affects?
  11. Well here's my Focus ST170 which I've had for five long years now. I've had ups and downs with it, it has been a cracking car but it's time to move onto something which is going to cost a bit less to run. Here it is:
  12. This is really handy as I'm picking up a Focus TDCI MK2 this week. Nice one :)
  13. I think if I didn't have the Focus I'd probably want a Mazda RX8 as they look a cracking car. Though, seems I've got two kids the RX8 would probably be out the window, so I think a Mondeo Titanium X would be nice as that digital dash is uber sweet!
  14. Does this work on the MK2?