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  1. Change Oil Light Or Something Else ?!?

    My ZS has just done the same after 4k from new. Dealer just reset the system and didn't even look at oil level or quality. They must be aware its a little tempramental
  2. 17" Alloys On A Zs Tdci

    The Mpg has actually got a little better, might be because I'm driving a little better though. Don't want to damage the new rims lol. The ride is slightly harder but not a problem and is no more harsh over the bumps than the 16" wheels. Everything else seems the same to me. The clearance on the steering is actually very tight now that I've had time to look, can just get my finger between the car and tyre. Can see why Ford fit the steering limiter with the 17" wheels. The car is looking mint though, red car, white wheels, white S1600 ott stripes and side stripes, and red gel overlays on the Ford badges. Just need some good weather so that I can clean it and take some photo's to put on here.
  3. Tyres For Mk7 Zetec-S

    Just put 4 Hankook evo12 on mine, 320 quid fitted from blackcircles. Ford fit them as a standard now I believe. Yokahama's in my experience grip well, but wear fast. Can't really say anything about the hankook's yet.
  4. Esp

    My local dealer told me that the TC and esp should be switched off in snow and ice. He said that he had been to a ford presentation about the system and that under these conditions it puts to much stress on the system and can cause damage. Its design is only intended for normal conditions, but its a good selling point plus an earner in repair costs. I should state that this is applicable to all makes and not just ford. To backup what he said, my wife bought the new shape astra just before the winter snow and the car had to be returned to the Vauxhall dealer because the system just gave up and various lights lit up on the dash. Also lots of smoke and clutch/diff/brake burning smell. Was informed at the time that all the Astra's were being recalled to be 're-calibrated' because the system couldn't handle the extra stress. Oh and the Ford dealer said they were told to keep it quiet, so just between us ok
  5. Under Engine Cover, Undertray?

    Its only on the Econetic and hence the Zetec S since its based on the econetic, not the zetec. Its only made out of plastic and is a wind deflector rather than a protective shield. Personally wouldn't bother with it if it wasn't fitted from new.
  6. 17" Alloys On A Zs Tdci

    Just an update, Got the wheels and tyres fitted yesterday and no problems at all. The steering goes full lock in both directions with no scrubbing on the body work. This is without the rack limiter fitted. Don't know how much clearance there is, but full lock is only used at low speed so can't see a problem.
  7. 17" Alloys On A Zs Tdci

    Are the steering rack limiters hard to fit? Karl46, Wish I knew about your alloys earlier, just ordered the white ones. Not cheap... Can I ask why you ditched the street pack wheels and in favour of what? Thanks to all who have replied
  8. 17" Alloys On A Zs Tdci

    I want to fit the 17" street pack alloys to my ZS TDCI, but notice that ford don't fit them even as an option. I was wondering if anyone has done this and if so are there any problems in doing so. They fit them to the petrol version, so why not the diesel? Is it that the extra weight of the diesel engine lowers the suspension to much? There must be a reason why Ford don't fit them.
  9. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    I think the colour depends on the trim. Zetec s has to be in red or white. Metallics look rubbish on this trim Any trim with chrome has to be a darker colour And the more basic trim levels need the metallics to liven them up a bit
  10. My Zs

    Sorry, didn't realise
  11. Mk7 Creaking Boot.....?

    The wife used to have a citroen picasso and just inflating the tyres to the correct pressure sorted out 80% of the rattles in it. Reduced the twisting in the car I presume.
  12. My Zs

    Whats happened to your side skirts? or are they hard to notice on these photos?
  13. Incredibly Stupid Design

    Its not a stupid design at all. Its actually a very clever and useful design. A design that other car manufacturers are extremely eager to copy. So you lost a tank of fuel, tell that to the many people who every day wrong fuel their cars. Having just had to push a C Max out of a garage forecourt because the gentleman had filled up with unleaded instead of diesel, I think loosing a tank of fuel is by far the easier option. The staff at the garage say they have two or three minimum a week. that's a lot of lost fuel and labour charges to drain the tank. That's if they don't drive off and cause more damage. This is ford listening to their customers and doing something about it. Ok so ford could have covered all bases and made the cover lockable, but for a first attempt how were they to know some scum bag would find your car and steal the fuel. In the future no doubt they will fit something to appease you.