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  1. 1.8 Style Focus - Fog Light Question

    Thanks for the advice, I'm guessing to get access to the behind of the blanking plates would have to be reached underneath the car~?
  2. 1.8 Style Focus - Fog Light Question

    Yup typically I missed that bit entirely, just tried it out and works! Thanks mate, much appreciated :D
  3. Hi guys, hoping some of you might help, I just bought a 59 plate focus 1.8 style and I want to install fog lights, I was looking at this item: http://fordshop.netdirector.co.uk/product/Ford_Focus_Fog_light_kit_-_2008_onwards_-_1521230_F1521230-137 do you think it will be easy to install/ can anyone give a quick description on how to do it? Also little off topic but I was also wondering how to use the Aux connection on the stereo? Can't seem to find the connection :S Cheers for your help!