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  1. Picking my new metal in the morning and I'll probably be changing the alloys so just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying the 17" black street pack alloys?
  2. I get 58.2mpg and that's with bigger alloys and a remap. Before both of these, i was getting 62.5 and i drive quite enthusastically at times.
  3. I woulda went for the metal, that's exactly what I'm doing. Trading up from the zetec S, should be here in about a months time.
  4. A limited edition fiesta with the same power as a S1600.
  5. what figures did you get after the upgrade? bhp and torque?
  6. How much did it cost including fitting? And would you say it was worth it?
  7. Around the 17th of march hopefully. Can't wait for the extra speed, fastest car i've had mainly because of age and insurance. Some how the insurance is the same price as my zetec s tdci. I think i may already be a member, just don't use it too often. I'll head over there soon.
  8. Just put the deposit down on a new fiesta metal in panther black. Can't wait to get it. Ordered it in Panther black, bit disappointed it wasn't matte black as the pictures would suggest. Also got it with Keyless entry and Go, just something I fancied. Few things i was wondering was has anyone had the Sony DAB radio retro-fitted as i got a good deal on one without it and couldn't refuse, and has anyone on here had the mountune 155 kit put on their cars or have any alternatives?
  9. I have no interest in a trade, I'm just selling mine as I'm getting a metal. There's 26,000 on mine as of yesterday.
  10. I can't see what car you have because I'm on my phone but I have a white zetec s tdci for sale.
  11. Yeah I know what car I drive. Believe it or not, I also know it's a diesel. I was asking what upgrades are available for the fiesta metal, not my car.
  12. The full upgrade is far too pricey for me. Couldn't justify it.
  13. Can anyone help with this? Even if anyone has enquired about the S1600? Also does anyone know if it would be possible to get it with the silver alloys instead of the black ones?
  14. Then would it just be the price to upgrade from the 140 to 155 or would it be the full like £1400 or whatever it is.
  15. Does anybody know which upgrades are available for the metal? Will it just be able to go to 155 like the zetec s? Thanks.