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  1. Car Pulls To The Right When Accelerating

    So swapping the front to back pairs over did the trick. :) Note to self: Don't let the el cheapo ones get back on the front of the car. Thanks to everyone that offered their thoughts on this. Some useful reminders, hopefully some others will find it useful too. Can we mark posts/questions as solved?
  2. Car Pulls To The Right When Accelerating

  3. Car Pulls To The Right When Accelerating

    One of the few garages I trust had a look at this for us last weekend. They ruled out balance/tracking/alignment and the tread depth is the same on both front tyres. Which, are also the same make/model as each other. They suggested that it was possible one of the tyres was manufactured poorly and to test the idea swapped them side to side. Now the car pulls the other way. Point proven I think. Solution I will try this weekend is swapping the front pair for the back pair. The back pair being 'Firestone' brand which I suspect is somewhat better than the el cheapo ones on the front ;) If that works then I will leave it be and replace the cheapo's when I have some wonga. Which may well be when hell freezes... lol :)
  4. Car Pulls To The Right When Accelerating

    I have now had a closer look at the tread and it is an even depth across the whole width of the tyre. It is going in to a garage on Sat now for balance/tracking/alignment checks. 'Wheel' know soon enough if it is any of those things for sure. :)
  5. Car Pulls To The Right When Accelerating

    As I said in the OP the tyre pressures are correct. We'll be getting the tracking checked ASAP. Thanks for the replies guys,
  6. Hello all, We recently became the (mostly) happy owners of a Focus Ghia 1.8 TDCi 51 plate. At only 48K miles it seems to be in pretty good nick. Mostly it feels really great to drive BUT... It pulls to the right when you accelerate hardish. Is this a common fault and does anyone know what it is / how to fix it? I've checked the tyre pressures are all OK, tyre condition is fair all round too. It stays straight under light/medium/hard breaking. I ran out of ideas after that so here I am! :) Thanks,