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  1. Happy Birthday Marky04!

  2. Just ordered a new Focus Titanium 1lt with city pack & appearance pack was not sure about the 1lt till I drove it but really looking forward to collecting it.
  3. The nice thing about driving it is "you don't see the back" LOL Seen two more today, preferred it when it was just mine on the road ;)
  4. I have the new Focus it's a Titanium 1.6 petrol with city pack, in white and we love it. To date we have only seen 2 others on the road, it's a fantastic car to drive with 1500 miles on the clock and 38 mpg we are very happy with it Mark
  5. We did think about Titanium X but bigger wheels put us off, we had the windows done 3 days after we picked up the car it looks great. Not sure how long because we went for the white and they had one available, delivery took about a week, my previous car was the Honda civic had 2 of them just loved the spaceship dashboard Would be interested to see how you get on with the rear view camera, although we have the Sony DAB which is brilliant we don’t have the sat nav.
  6. Titanium 1.6 petrol with city pack, it's the only car we have owned that me and the wife argue over who's going to drive lol
  7. sounds good, you wont be sorry we are loving our Focus
  8. Here's mine
  9. Yes, 6 months earlier, it could have been a different story but i would be kicking myself very hard lol
  10. Our Focus is the 1.6 petrol. To be honest when we priced the Cee'd against the Focus there was very little in it and we were almost signing the deal on the Cee'd when we took the focus out for a good run and that's what made up our mind. The appeal for the 7 year warranty did not sway us because we only keep our cars for between 2 - 3 yrs. Only time will tell if the Focus holds together, but to quote my wife "It's the best car I've ever driven" and I'm not going to argue with her lol
  11. I found the drive very comfortable, all the controls just where I need them and it’s a very easy car to drive. My wife did not like the car when we first looked at it but after the test drive said we should buy it. This is our second Focus we had a 2ltr diesel Zetec 57 plate which we had trouble with the DPF filter which was finally sorted by ford which is why we looked at other cars but when the new Focus came out we just had to try it and so far we are very happy with it
  12. When we were looking for a new car the Cee'd was on our list but after driving the Cee'd then driving the Focus there was no competition
  13. Yes, the rear of the car is a love it hate it thing, but I think the whole car is a nice fresh design and so far I can’t fault it as for wheels 18” would have been to big I like a bit of comfort.
  14. The hand brake is very close, but did not take long to get use to it, the car is really well thought out with all the controls in the right place and it drives like a dream Back windows being tinted today
  15. Its a fantastic drive, the driving position is perfect all the controls are within easy reach and accepted my iphone with no problem. Currently doing 37 miles to the gallon, and very happy.