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    Hello, I have owned a 3,000 Wildtrak for a year. It is nearly three years old, 35,000 miles, and the warranty will soon expire. The pick up has had a continuous problem which showed itself soon after I bought it and the dealers have carried out prolonged and repeated attempts at warranty repair during the past 12 months....all unsuccessful. The engine warning light comes on frequently and there is quite a loud "screaming" noise which seems to relate to the turbo cutting in. The car tends to keep rolling in spite of the above but we have had overheating problems and once had to be towed home. The Ford specialist engineer has had a go at repair and will be trying again tomorrow. It has been suggested to me that this problem is common to the vehicle and that it cannot be properly put right. My question is "Has anyone else suffered this sort of thing and, if so, do you have information or advice which might help me? ((OR "Have I bought another lemon?)) Any comments/advice will be much appreciated.