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  1. Roof leak

    Ok, I wasn't convinced it was the sunroof as it has never leaked in heavy rain before! The same thing happened in my old car which had no sunroof. I will get that checked anyway, though I doubt I'd replace the seal at that price in any case. What drain holes do you mean mintalkin?
  2. Roof leak

    Hi there I have a question about a leak in the roof of my fiesta - I have no idea where it came from and only happened once going around a corner after heavy rain when I got water dumped on me, apparently from the roof! I have a 2000 (W reg) ford fiesta zetec; it does have a sunroof but I am very sure the leak didn't come from here. This exact same thing also happened in my old fiesta azura (1994) a few times! Any ideas where its likely to be from and how to fix it? I could never find it in my old car. Thanks!