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  1. Diamondbright

    What would u surgest I do to clean my car now that I have had diamond brite done, is it advisable to wash , then use conserver that comes with the after care pack then wax and sometimes use a clay bar everynow and again before waxing Thanks for advice
  2. Diamondbright

    Hi I've just had my car done with diamond bright as the whole company was having it done, it says on the box you never need to polish again, however I was just wondering was this diamondbright stuff ment to leave a glass like finish to the car and can I still wax my car if I wanted to now that I have had diamondbright done. And last but not least how do u achieve glass like finish Thanks
  3. Hi just wondered if putting redex into my ford fiesta zetec s 56 reg would do more harm than good as I have read mixed reviews on the Internet. And if you should put it in before or after filling up, also would it produce a lot of smoke while driving and if so how long for Thanks