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  1. Glad to hear I might not be alone! Will be interested to hear what happens when you get the part refitted - otherwise it could be the brick - although will probably wait til autumn as I can live without it til them - and I might genuinely need a new one in the meantime :)
  2. Thanks - I was worried that might be the case, and did wonder whether if the glass 'broke' the insurance co. would replace like for like - so annoying as the dealer had even ordered in the screen and was ready to fit it when they decided it wasn't the original. It was only a year old when I bought it - my bad luck that it had already been replaced - and badly by the look of things.
  3. Hi, I'm new to the forum and hope someone can help - i've seen similar posts, but nothing that answers my specific question. The heated windcreen on my Focus does not work at all on the drivers side. Dealer was going to replace under warranty - then realised that it was not the original screen (must have been replaced before I bought it). So hubby took a look yesterday only to find the connector to the driver's side appears broken. One end looks like a thin flat piece of paper, with a circuit in it - looks like it has been torn and pinched by something. So my question is - can I replace this - or is this 'papery' connector something that is supplied with the screen? Thank you!